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Checking the Installed Java Version

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Java is required for the correct functioning of Blackboard.  Frequently “strange” behavior in Blackboard is the result of Java-related problems.  If clicking a button in Blackboard produces an unexpected result or if the timer in a timed test "freezes" you should verify that a compatible version of Java is installed on your computer.

Access the Java website at  When the Java page has loaded click “Do I have Java?” located just under the “Free Java Download” button.  On the Java Verification page you will need to click "Verify Java version".   The page will then display the version of Java installed on your computer.

Java is updated frequently to provide security updates. It is not necessary to always have the newest version of Java installed but you must be using a recent Java version.

After a new version of Java has been installed the next step is to verify that Java is functioning correctly.   After the browser has restarted click “Verifying Java version” again.  If Java is not functioning correctly information about resolving the problem will be displayed. 

Additional Troubleshooting Information

If a new version of Java has been installed and tested but Java problems continue, you will need to see if multiple versions of Java are installed on your computer.  Access the installed programs list on your computer. If more than one version of Java is installed you will need to remove all but the most recent version.  It is especially important to remove versions of Java older than Java 6 as many of the older Java versions are incompatible with Blackboard.  If Java problems are not resolved by uninstalling any older Java versions it is sometimes necessarily to uninstall all installed Java versions, restart the computer, and then reinstall Java.

Very important!  Read this information before downloading/installing any browser plug-ins.

Links to plug-ins and downloads are provided as a courtesy only. You must make sure that you download the correct version of the software for your computer and operating system. Central Arizona College is not responsible for any problems which might occur as a result of downloading and installing any software.

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