Getting Started in Online Learning

New to Online Learning?  The correct first steps will get your semester off to a great start!

You have registered for your first online class.  Now what?  Getting off to the right start will make all the difference.  The things you need to do to get started are:

At this time Chrome and Firefox are the recommended browsers for Blackboard.  Using Internet Explorer will result in errors and difficulties.

Make sure your computer is compatible with Blackboard;

You will need to know a little about your computer's operating system and installed software.  Blackboard functions best with certain combinations of Operating Systems and Web Browsers.  For example, you should never access Blackboard on a Windows Vista computer using the Safari web browser.  That combination will probably result in error messages.   Click the link titled "Operating System and Browser Requirements" in the menu to the left and make sure that your computer and web browser will work correctly with Blackboard.

Check your web browser settings - VERY IMPORTANT;

Once you know that you are using a compatible combination of operating system and web browser the next step is to check your brower security settings.   Cookies, pop-ups and Java are all required in order for Blackboard to function correctly.   Select Browser Settings in the menu to the left and follow the steps necessary to check the browser security settings.

Verify that Java is installed

Java is vital to the correct function of Blackboard.   The majority of the buttons and links in Blackboard use Java.   Information on Java versions and Java installation is located under "Java" in the left-hand menu.

Blackboard Username and CAC Student E-mail Address

All Central Arizona College students are automatically assigned a CAC Domain Account (which is your Blackboard username and CAC Student E-mail account) upon admission to CAC.  You can look up your Blackboard and E-mail account information in the "Online Services" area.  The username and password format are explained in menu link "Username and E-mail Address"

Other Software Requirements

It is possible that you will need to install other software to access the information in an online class.  Adobe Acrobat Reader, Flash and Shockwave are the most common "browser plugins" needed.   Some classes require you to use specific software in order to complete the assignments.  For example, CIS120 requires the use of Microsoft Office 2013.  If you do not have access to this sofware computers are availble in the computer labs at most campuses and centers. 

Login before the first day of class

  • Login to Blackboard;
  • Login to your CAC Student E-mail account;
  • Contact your instructor using your CAC Student E-mail account;
  • Read the syllabus in your online class if it is available to you.

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