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The Ask a Librarian Help Desk is available through Blackboard IM!

Get help online with all of your reference questions!

Are you on campus and have your Blackboard IM account set up? Are you off-campus and have already downloaded Blackboard IM and set up your account?

To access Ask a Librarian on-campus, look for the Blackboard IM icon on the desktop of any computer in one of the on-campus labs.

Blackboard IM Icon

Click on it and log in. Then go to the "School" tab and look for the Ask a Librarian link. Click the link to ask us a question!

Don't see the Blackboard IM Icon? Do you need to set up your Blackboard IM account? Are you off-campus and using Blackboard IM for the first time?

1. Log in to your Blackboard Account
2. Click on CAC Library Resources under "My Courses"
3. From the CAC Library Resources page click on the "Create a Blackboard IM Account" link.
4. Click the "Blackboard IM" link to go to the page.
5. If you haven't set up your Blackboard IM account yet you can do that now.
6. Click "Download Blackboard IM."

Download Blackboard IM

7. Once the program has installed and you've signed in, go to the "School" tab and look for the Ask a Librarian link. Click the link to ask us a question!


You can email any of the Central Arizona Librarians at

Or, if you'd like to get in touch with a specific librarian at one of the five campus libraries directly, please choose from the list below.   

Rebecca Swift

Signal Peak
Jonathan Osmer

Melanie Schneeflock

Scott Snellman

San Tan
Kacey Bailey

Superstition Mountain
Bonnie Simmons

Distance Students
Our friendly library crew is available at:


Prefer to give us a call?

Aravaipa Campus Library - 520-357-2821
Maricopa Campus Library - 520-494-6431
Signal Peak Campus Library - 520-494-5286
Superstition Mountain Library - 480-677-7747
San Tan Campus Library -



Of course, we're always happy when you choose to come in and meet with us in person.  Visit the individual library webpages to find out what services are offered at each location.

Aravaipa Campus Library

Maricopa Campus Library

Signal Peak Campus Library

San Tan Campus Library

Superstition Mountain Campus Library


Visit the Library Resources course available through Blackboard. Along with finding our handouts and other useful information, students and staff can access the library's online resources without needing to use additional passwords!

For those who are already in a class that uses Blackboard:
Great news! You're already enrolled in the Library Resources course.  All you need to do is log into Blackboardand look for the Library Resources class in your list of courses.  Once you're in the course, click on the Articles & eBooks button and you'll find the entire list of online resources.  When you click on one of the resource links, you'll go directly to it without having to enter a password.

For those who don't have a class that uses Blackboard:
No problem! You can still enroll in the Library course.  First, you'll still need to log into Blackboard (using yourassigned username and password).  Once you're in, click on the Courses tab.  To your right you'll see a course catalog section that includes a link to CAC Student Resources.  Click on this link and you'll find the Library Resources course listed with an enroll button to the right of it.  Click on the enroll button, which will send an email to the library letting us know that you want to enroll.  Once we approve your request, you're enrolled in the course and ready to research!

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