Transfer Resources & Checksheets

Tips for Successful Student Transfer:   A webpage on the Course Applicability System which goes over a four semester progression to university transfer.

Transfer Checklist:   A webpage on the Course Applicability System that goes over the Arizona General Education Curriculum (AGEC) and Associate Degree, Major and University Requirements, University Application Process and Transcripts, and Financial Aid/Scholarships.

Transfer Guidelines:   A short document that outlines the steps to take during each semester here at CAC.  These guidelines are based upon a student who will be transferring after 4 semesters.  As not all students will transfer after their fourth semester it is important to keep in mind that this is merely a guiding document. Keep in mind that it is best to apply to the University toward the end of your third semester if you will be attending Central Arizona for four semesters.  It is generally recommended that you apply to the University approximately a year in advance.  This will give you time to be accepted to the university and research the deadlines for particular program requirements.

Checksheet:  A short checksheet that covers some of the areas necessary when you transfer to a University.  Print one worksheet per University you wish to attend and do the research to finish the various requirements of that particular school.  Examples of tasks on the checksheet are application fees, additional program requirements, housing fees, and immunization requirements.

Timeline:  A quick visual representation of what you will want to consider during the two-year degree process at Central Arizona College.  Keep in mind that several students take longer than two years to transfer, so adjust the timeline accordingly with the help of an academic advisor or transfer resource specialist.

Content on this page is provided by Student Success Programs.

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