Club Finances



The purchase of goods and payment for services are to be made by initiating a CAC Requisition and paid by the issuance of a Purchase Order. The Purchase Order is CAC’s promise to pay a vendor upon submission of an invoice.  Thus, you do not need cash for a purchase done this way. To ensure purchases are made appropriately please refer to the steps outlined below: 
1. First, determine which vendor to use. Consult the Director of Purchasing or the Director of Accounting if you have any questions. If you are using a new vendor you must contact the Purchasing department and request a New Vendor Code be created. Contact Business Office. 
2. Confirm the price of the vendor and request a quote.
3. Complete the online Requisition Form in BANNER.  In the requisition form please indicate if you need the check mailed to the vendor, the date payment is needed (if so, list a date at least 15 work days in advance), and/or if you will pick up the check in person. It is the Advisors responsibility to follow up on the status of funds request-- the Business Office will not contact you. 
4. Attach your quote or contract to a completed Requisition Support Documentation Form and submit to the Business Office.  Your online requisition can not be completed until your support documentation is submitted.
5. It is recommend that you submit your request at least two weeks prior to the date the check is needed. If you indicated that you will be picking up the check, you may pick it up in the Business Office. If the SCO should receive delivered goods, the delivery will include a green copy of the Purchase Order.  This form must be given to the Business Office in order to verify receipt of goods and initiate payment. The SCO Advisor will also be receiving a gold copy of the Purchase Order for your organization’s records. 
Under no circumstance should a student spend their money for an activity as the College cannot reimburse students.  It is the Advisor’s responsibility to make sure that funding is requested in a timely manner.
Note: In cases of emergencies (i.e., an expense, which must be paid in less than five days) some businesses may accept a Purchase Order number and will allow you to pay them after the services have been provided. In those emergencies only, you may call the Purchasing Dept at ext. 5250 and request a P.O. number.


All outside speakers, bands, disc jockeys, entertainers, or other individual performers must be processed using a Contract or Consultant Expense Form (obtained from the Business Office) along with the Requisition Form in advance for the services rendered. 
For Contracts:
1. Pick up a Contract Form from the Purchasing Office.
2. Complete the necessary information & obtain the necessary signatures.
3. Turn in to the Business Office at least three weeks in advance.
For Consultant Expense Form:
1. Pick up a Consultant Form from the Business Office.
2. Have proposed vendor sign and include their address.
3. Turn in to the Business Office at least three weeks in advance.
Please take care not to represent CAC as committed until all signatures have been secured!


Purchase of goods and services with personal funds is discouraged.  If circumstances dictate otherwise, then the SCO Advisor must obtain an itemized sales receipt from the vendor. In the event that the Advisor does spend their own funds they must submits receipts and complete the online Requisition Form in a timely manner.  Make sure that the clerk signs the receipt(s). If you make an emergency purchase and the vendor does not have such receipts, have the clerk individually itemize the goods on a letterhead document signed by an agent of the firm. Cash register receipts alone will not suffice for reimbursement!
In each case, attach the receipt to a completed Requisition Support Documentation Form and follow procedures as stated for Purchase Orders. It may take up to four weeks for approval and issue of a check for reimbursement.


All purchases of goods and services must be made on a Purchase Order (P.O.). Some vendors may not honor a purchase order number and require cash payments.  In these cases, use the following steps:
1. Determine how much the items will cost.
2. Complete the Online Requisition Form in BANNER indicating this is a cash advance. Advances should be made to the individual vendor, or to SCO Advisor.  Under no circumstances should a cash advance be made to a student. All cash requested for an event is the responsibility of the Advisor.  Receipts must account for all money spent.  All remaining funds, if any, must be returned to the Business Office to be credited to the account from which they were issued.
3. If cash is distributed to students within the club/organization to purchase goods for an event, it is still the Advisor’s responsibility to make sure that students turn in receipts to the Advisor.  If the student fails to provide receipts the Advisor may request the student reimburse the SCO out of pocket.
4. Follow procedures as outlined for purchase orders.
5. The SCO Advisor must sign for each check at the Business Office.
6. Upon purchase, be sure to obtain itemized receipts (not cash register tapes).
7. Return all receipts plus unused cash to Business Office. This transaction cannot be completed until this final step has accounted for the full amount of the advance.  Any difference between amount of the advance and receipts or cash returned will be considered due and payable immediately from the person who signed for the check.
8. For cash advances for meals off-campus, student groups may use either the Requisition Form or the Travel Form. The Travel Form must be used for all off campus events. Only travel account numbers can be used on the Travel Form. PLEASE NOTE THAT GROUPS WILL NOT BE REIMBURSED FOR TIPS/GRATUITIES. If the group wishes to tip, members are encouraged to take up a group collection. The maximum meal rates PER PERSON PER DAY are as follows:
Breakfast $7.00
Lunch $7.50
Dinner $15.00
Rates of meal reimbursement may change depending on event and destination.   Please check with the Business Office on Meal Rates.


Often SCO’s like to have food service arrangements for meetings, functions, or recruitment activities. Food service for any college-related activity on campus must be made through Sodexho Food Services on your campus. If your location does not have Sodexho, then the SCO may have food catered by an outside vendor.  
Each SCO is responsible for verifying the costs and arrangements with Food Services, Ext. 5450. The following procedures should be followed:
1. Meet with Food Service Director and plan menu.
2. Complete an Activity Approval Form (available via the Student Leadership Office) and secure appropriate signatures.  Make sure cost of food and any other agreed upon arrangements are included on the form.
3. Take form to the Director for signature.
4. Once the Advisor receives the invoice from Sodexho he/she must then fill out a Requisition Form (see Purchase Order section).


Club Advisors wishing to purchase items from Barnes & Noble must complete a Requisition Form in BANNER for the items needed.
Central Arizona College - District Office 8470 N. Overfield Road, Coolidge, AZ 85128 Phone: 800-237-9814