Sufficient planning time is essential for all successful activities. The following timetable is highly recommended for major events and/or activities:
1. AT LEAST A MONTH BEFORE the event or activity, the SCO should hold an organizational meeting to determine the roles, tasks, and assignments, and responsibilities as related to the activity. For example, there may be a need for publicity, food arrangements, a speaker or entertainment, etc. Additionally there should also be someone responsible to ensure tasks are completed on time.
2. THREE WEEKS BEFORE the activity, an Activity Approval Form, Request For Facility Use, and/or Work Order Form must be completed and submitted to the appropriate departments for review and signature. All forms must be submitted to the Director of Student Engagement and Activities or designee for final review and approval.
3. THREE WEEKS BEFORE the activity, a copy of the flyer, advertisement, and/or posters must be submitted to the Director of Student Engagement and Activities or designee for
4. AT LEAST TWO WEEKS BEFORE the event, the SCO should confirm the availability of any College staff who may be needed as a co-advisor, speaker or participant in the activity.
5. A FINAL PLANNING MEETING SHOULD BE HELD BEFORE the activity. This can be a catchall meeting for dealing with emergencies and last-minute details.


 All SCO activities, excluding business meetings, must receive prior approval from the Director, or designee. The Activity Approval form is available online at The Activity Approval form must be completed at least THREE WEEKS prior to the activity, earlier for major events such as dances or off campus trips. Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of the activity. This procedure MUST BE FOLLOWED FOR ALL ACTIVITIES, whether funded by Student Activities, SCO funds, or sponsorship.


The general procedure for scheduling dances is the same as those for other events (see Activity Approval). However, some special rules apply to ensure a secure and comfortable event for CAC students.
These rules are:
  • The SCO must consult with the College Chief of Police, and the Director of Student Engagement and Activities to determine the staffing needs for additional staff members present at the dance. The College Chief of Police or Designee will make the final determination on all staffing issues.
  • Only current CAC students, faculty, and staff will be admitted to dances. Each current CAC student is allowed ONE guest who must be at least 18 years of age.
  • The sponsoring SCO is responsible for implementing an effective ID card check system.
  • At the discretion of the College Chief of Police or Designee, an ID screen at the entrance of the campus may be in effect on dance nights.
  • Arrangements for pick up of checks (to pay disc jockey, campus safety officers, etc.) on the afternoon of the dance or on Friday if the dance is on a weekend is the responsibility of the SCO.


It is strongly recommended that each SCO evaluate all programs and activities upon completion. The program evaluation provides appropriate and necessary feedback to your group, which will help your organization to assess the quality of your programs and the need for new ones. It is recommended that each SCO designate one person to be responsible for conducting an evaluation that all SCO members involved may provide feedback on the event successes and challenges.
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