Residence Life and Student Leadership Professional Staff

Mike is ready for the RSL training!                  Teambuilding in progress...


Residence Life Staff is a small, tightly knit group of professionals dedicated to making your stay at Central Arizonan College on-campus housing a positive and memorable component of your College life. We come from diverse backgrounds with wide range of experiences and skills. As you can tell from the photos above, we love what we do and strive to have fun. We invite you to stop by and say "Hi".


Director of Residence Life, Nev Kraguljevic

Nev joined Central Arizona College Residence Life staff in July 2008. He received his Bachelor’s in Business Administration majoring in Human Resources from University of North Alabama and his MBA focusing on Global Management from Union College. Nev has been working in Residence Life and Housing since 1999.

Nev prides himself on creating a safe space for all individuals to express themselves, while still being respectful to those who may not have the same views. Nev collaborates with many institutions and professionals nationwide and enjoys volunteering his time and talents in order to empower and provide a better future for GLBT youth and young adults. He is also an avid animal lover and rugby fan.


Assistant Director of Student Life, Michael Scudder

Mike joined Central Arizona College in June 2013. He has been working in Residence Life since 2004. He has received his Bachelor's in Sociology and Master's in Educational Administration and Policy Studies from the University at Albany.

Mike enjoys motivating people and developing strong student leaders. He is open minded and likes meeting new people. Mike is very passionate about helping students reach their potentials and make the most of their opportunities. He is an avid golfer and a huge New York Giants fan.


Residence Life Professional, Peter Bandel

Peter is a New England native, who joined the Residence Life family in July 2014. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science in 2005 from Northeastern University. In 2010 he received Graduate Certificate in Emergencey Mangegement and two years later, in 2012 he graduated with Master's in Sceince focusing on PUblic Policey from the University of Central Florida. Peter has experience in student activities and programming, multicultural affairs, residence life, and crisis management.

Outside the office, Peter is a constant student, working towards his Doctorate in Education. He enjoys reading, spirited debates on any subject, playing sports and exercise, and is a complete Geek when it comes to comics and sci-fi; especially all things Superman.


Housing Specialist, Loida Wooten

Ms. Loida joined Residence Life in November 2010. She has been with the College for over 15 years. She has served as Program Assistant to the Prison program and Florence Center prior to joining the Residence Life team as Program Assistant. She was a recipient of the Presidential Award in 2007 for her exemplary service to staff, students and the community.


On-Call Professional, Veronika Mosley

Veronika is a CAC graduate who has been working in our office at first as an RSL (Resident Student Leader) then as a Office Assistant and now she is supporting our department as an on-call professional. Veronika works in the Career Services department during the week and helps us during the evenings and weekends.

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