Maintenance and Work order Request

Maintenance and Workorder Request

From time to time, things may break or stop working in your room, on your floor, or anywhere on the Housing Grounds. Please kindly give 1-3 business days to get it fixed. If things have not been fixed in timely fashion, please stop by our office and let us help you resolve the issue. Please note it is your responsibility to tell us when things break. However, before submitting a workorder please consider the following:

  • General Maintenance (e.g., stuck window, door hard to open, drawer won't close, bathroom faucet dripping, light out): Submit request  at the following link Maintenance workorder link.

  • Toilet issue: If your toilet is not flushing, refilling, clogged, or overflowing, you must first try to plunge using the plunger provided in your restroom. Try at least twice before contacting the Residence Life Office. Your RA can assist in resolving the issue. Please note, clogged toilets are not a maintenance emergency. Please try to resolve it yourself, then reach out to an RA for help.

  • Room temperature is too hot or too cold: Before submitting a Maintenance Direct request, be sure the ...

    • temperature control knob is on (suites).

    • air vent is unobstructed.

    • windows are fully closed and latched.

  • Cable TV: The most common problem is a missing or damaged cable connector where the cable has been pulled from the wall by a previous resident instead of purchasing the required coaxial patch cable. Try to disconnect the cable from the wall, reconnect, and rescan for channels on your TV.

  • Telephone/Internet/WiFi/Email access issues: at (520) 494-5678.

  • Blackboard: at (520) 494-5533.

  • Laundry machines: Report a Problem using this linke (coming soon) (use LaundryView to monitor the status of laundry machines online).

  • eRezLife issues: Contact the Residence Life office at 520-494-5470


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