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Grammar Guide and Student Tools
This is an easy-to-use reference for common questions and issues in student writing.  It covers grammar, style, and MLA/APA information.  Look here for examples and helpful links!


Guide to Grammar and Writing

This is a comprehensive, user-friendly site that offers explanations, examples, and quizzes (scroll all the way down) with immediate feedback. Select from the drop-down menus on the topic you need help with: word/sentence level, paragraph level, essay and research paper level. Great for grammar review!

Road to Grammar 

This site’s friendly design makes it appealing and easy to use; it is designed primarily for ELLs (English Language Learners).  Choose your topic from the alphabetical list, and click start; you will receive immediate feedback on your answers.

P.I.E. (point, illustration/information, explanation)

This is a handy method for developing paragraphs.  P.I.E. shows you how to introduce information, present it, and follow it with your explanation and comments—the essence of college writing!

Citation Formatting


    Bibme    http://www.bibme.org/


 Citation machine     http://www.citationmachine.net/

These sites are a great tool for creating your MLA or APA citations for research papers.  Follow the prompts, fill in the required boxes, and your citation is created for you.  Then copy/paste onto your document; remember that when you copy/paste, the format (hanging margin, spacing) is altered, so you will need to tweak it!  Easy as pie!

How to Write An Essay:

Having a hard time remembering all those steps to producing a quality college-level essay? These websites will walk you through it, step by step!


 5 easy steps (ENG 90/100)


10 easy steps for college level writing (ENG 101/102)  


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