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Grammar Guide and Student Tools
This is an easy-to-use reference for common questions and issues in student writing.  It covers grammar, style, and MLA/APA information.  Look here for examples and helpful links!


Guide to Grammar and Writing

This is a comprehensive, user-friendly site that offers explanations, examples, and quizzes (scroll all the way down) with immediate feedback. Select from the drop-down menus on the topic you need help with: word/sentence level, paragraph level, essay and research paper level. Great for grammar review!

Road to Grammar 

This site’s friendly design makes it appealing and easy to use; it is designed primarily for ELLs (English Language Learners).  Choose your topic from the alphabetical list, and click start; you will receive immediate feedback on your answers.

P.I.E. (point, illustration/information, explanation)

This is a handy method for developing paragraphs.  P.I.E. shows you how to introduce information, present it, and follow it with your explanation and comments—the essence of college writing!


The Student's Guide to Grammar and Punctuation

Offers help for academics, ELL, business and other categories of writers. Articles, videos and pocasts are available to help with items like punctuation, annotated bibliographies, footnotes, plagiarism, footnotes, plagiarism, easily confused words, and more.


Citation Formatting


    Bibme    http://www.bibme.org/


 Citation machine     http://www.citationmachine.net/

These sites are a great tool for creating your MLA or APA citations for research papers.  Follow the prompts, fill in the required boxes, and your citation is created for you.  Then copy/paste onto your document; remember that when you copy/paste, the format (hanging margin, spacing) is altered, so you will need to tweak it!  Easy as pie!

How to Write An Essay:

Having a hard time remembering all those steps to producing a quality college-level essay? These websites will walk you through it, step by step!


 5 easy steps (ENG 90/100)


 Ten Steps for Writing an Essay   


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