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Welcome to Online Tutoring at Central Arizona College!
To support your needs, we offer online tutoring via Blackboard. This means you can communicate to a tutor any time of the day and receive the same quality feedback you'd receive at any campus within 24-48 hours. Read below to learn more about our online tutors and their subject areas.

All online tutors are available for face-to-face tutoring.

Subjects: Writing, Computers, Math, Science, Accounting and Statistics

Online 24/7 Tutoring

Writing Tutor

For information or brief questions, contact

For online submissions, click on CAC Online Writing Tutoring in your Blackboard (under Courses), and follow step by step directions.

Math Tutor
480 677 7740 -

Saturday from 3 PM via Blackboard IM. You don't need an appointment, but you must request tutoring at 3 PM via Blackboard IM. The tutor will work with students up to 6 PM.

Online tutoring via Blackboard: Click on CAC Online Math and Science Tutoring in your Blackboard (under Courses), and select your class. click on "Ask a Tutor" and type your question.

You can call 480 677 7728 to request an appointment online with a tutor. At the time of your online appointment, the tutor will work with you via Discussion Board. The tutor may invite you for a chat  via Blackboard IM.

You can request an online appointment at 480 677 7728.

Computer Tutor

Accounting Tutor
Request appointment with Dwayne Varela at 480 677 7740 or 520 494 5507

ELL Tutor

*If you have trouble logging into Blackboard or if you are able to log in but don't see a link to any of the Tutoring and Resources sites, please contact the Help Desk 520-494-5111 or email

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