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Student Awards 2016

Congratulations Title V 2016 Award Winners!  

  • Kenneth Baldwin (Who's Who - SPC)
    Cassandra Holcombe (All American - MAR)
    Renee Knopp (Student Leadership - SPC)
    Alexander Koltz (Tutor of the Year - SPC)
    Brittany Maxey (Student Leadership - SPC)
    Thao Nguyen (Tutor of the Year - STC) - Pictured
    James Peru (Outstanding Veteran Award - SPC)
    Alysha Terry (Who's Who - SPC)
    Jessica Whitworth (Student Leadership - SPC)
    Timothy Wickert (Outstanding Veteran  - SPC)


The Step Up to Success program offers FREE resources to students in MAT082-121, ENG090-100, RDG090-094 and beyond. Our mission is to help you achieve success and reach your college goals.

Our Mathematics, Writing, Reading, and ELL Preceptors are highly qualified to provide guidance, supplemental instruction, and tutoring to help you navigate college life and pass your classes. 

The Step Up to Success Program will end at the end of Fall semester 2016.

Some of our services: 

  • Faculty Mentors and Preceptors to help you with specific classes

  • Advising Assistance to help you select your classes and plan your college career

  • Peer Mentors/Student Leaders (certified tutors) help you form study groups and give you one-on-one assistance

  • Laptop checkout for online classes

  • Technical Assistance for online classes, computer problems, and a friendly shoulder to cry on

  • Relaxation and Stress Relief de-stress before mid-terms and finals with test taking tips, healthy snacks and a place to relax before exams

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Title V Team    Student Leaders   Tech Asst and Laptops


The Step Up Program at Central Arizona College is financed 100 percent by a five year Federal HSI Title V grant from the US Department of Education. The total federal funds dedicated to this program are $2,718,726.00.

Content on this page is provided by Title V.

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