Scholarship Resources for Students with Disabilities

Proyecto Vision

These scholarship opportunities are listed in chronological order, based on their application deadlines. The list includes scholarships that are specifically aimed at Latinos and students with disabilities. The scholarships listed here include scholarships for undergraduate and graduate studies. Most of them are available nationwide. If the deadline for a scholarship has already passed, but the scholarship is a good fit for you, follow the link to its website and get more information about it. These scholarships are awarded annually, and you may be able to apply for it next year.

Students With Epilepsy Scholarships

Since 2004, UCB has awarded over 1 million dollars in scholarships to over 200 deserving people.  The scholarship offers financial support to people living with epilepsy, family members, and/or caregivers who demonstrate academic and personal achievement. 

Scholarships for Students with Disabilities

Scholarships exist for many minority groups, and having a disability is no different. There are thousands of different free disability scholarships for people with disabilities available to those who suffer from all types of mental and/or physical disabilities. There are even disability scholarships designed for families with a parent(s) on disability allowance. Additionally, many private organizations award scholarship money to ensure students with disabilities are able to achieve their college goals, despite learning issues, environmental challenges, or medical bills. These disability scholarships, loans, and grant programs help thousands of disabled people pay for school and college tuition every year.

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