Central Arizona College STEM Program

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What is STEM?
The STEM Program at CAC encourages and supports students in the career fields of science, technology, engineering and math. Apply for the STEM program.

STEM Program Benefits
- Proactive STEM Advising and Career Exploration
- University Transfer Assistance
- Graphing Calculator Loan
- Textbook Loans
- Network with Other STEM Students/Faculty/Staff

STEM Career Pathways

STEM Career Pathways

S-STEM Engineering Scholarship
Central Arizona College is thrilled to offer sixteen $1000 scholarships to CAC engineering students. Scholarship Application Scholarship Flyer

3D Printing Lab

3D Printing flyer  
STEM offers a 3D Printing Lab where students, staff and community members independently work with 3D printers to create their own projects. Some of the projects have included robotic arms, jewelry, cell phone cases and chess pieces. Come for a visit and bring your ideas.
If you are considering attending CAC, this is a great way to interact with other students and see what CAC has to offer.
Before going solo you must complete a 1 ½ hour 3D Printing Introductory Workshop. Contact carrie.mcintyre@centralaz.edu for questions or to arrange a visit.


NASA Supported Research Experience

 Course Flyer
This course offers students a NASA supported research experience and experience working in NASA-related fields. Students make their own printed circuit boards, select and program test sensors, design and construct a payload to launch on a high altitude weather balloon.
Contact carrie.mcintyre@centralaz.edu for questions.


Frequently Asked Questions
1) Does STEM cost money to join?
No, there is no cost to join CAC STEM.

2) What are the requirements to become a STEM student?
You must be attending CAC and pursuing a STEM career path.

3) Will my CAC credits transfer to a university?
The STEM advisor works with students to select only the courses that will transfer to the university in the chosen degree.

4) Can I get help planning my course of study all the way through my bachelor's degree?
Yes, the STEM Program Advisor carrie.mcintyre@centralaz.edu can help you with this.

5) Can the STEM advisor help me understand what my career choices are?
Yes, contact carrie.mcintyre@centralaz.edu to set an appointment.

6) How much of my degree can I complete at CAC before transferring to a university?
Generally, about 4 semesters. Keep in mind each degree is a little bit different.

7) Are your STEM students successful when they transfer?
CAC has STEM students that transfer to the university very successfully.

8) Can I meet some of CAC's STEM students in my area of study?
Yes, contact STEM Advisor carrie.mcintyre@centralaz.edu to set up a time.

9) Can I visit the 3D Printing Lab?
Yes, and become certified to use the 3D printing lab during open lab times as well.

10) How do I know which classes to register for?
Contact carrie.mcintyre@centralaz.edu for help in choosing courses.

11) What if my question has not been answered?
Please ask carrie.mcintyre@centralaz.edu

STEM Advisor, Carrie McIntyre



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