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Veteran Education Benefits

Central Arizona College (CAC) is proud and honored to serve Veterans, their survivors, and dependents, and is fully approved by the Veterans Administration (VA) to administer the VA Education Benefits' program. The program at CAC is managed by Veteran Services as part of the Admissions and Recruitment office at the Signal Peak Campus in Coolidge, Arizona. The VA implements and oversees VA Education Benefits, and as such, requires specific admission policies and procedures for all veteran students to follow. The Enrollment Steps guide outlines the necessary steps that all Veterans and Dependents must complete to use educational benefits at CAC.

Degree and Certificate Programs

All students must declare a Program of Study (POS), which is either a transferrable degree, an Associate of Applied Science degree, or Certificate. Below is a link full list of programs available at CAC, and description of POS:

CAC Degrees and Certificates

Degree or certificate programs not listed may not be eligible for VA educational benefits, please speak with School Certifying Official (SCO) or meet with an academic advisor to discuss your POS options. The following link will help you connect with an academic advisor at any of our locations:

Academic Advising Hours and Locations

Prior College and Military Transcripts

Students eligible for VA education benefits at CAC who have attended other higher education institutions, must submit official transcripts to CAC for evaluation and transferability of credits to the POS being pursued at CAC. Failure to disclose attendance/transcripts from previous college(s) is a violation of the Student Code of Conduct and is grounds for denial of admission or immediate suspension if enrolled.

In addition to higher education institutions, students who served in the military must submit military training transcripts to CAC Registration office. Military training transcripts from the Army, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard can be obtained by visiting the Joint Service Transcript (JST) website ( Once on the website, unofficial transcripts can be downloaded to a "PDF" document and are free of charge. This is NOT a substitution for an Official transcript, but will assist an advisor to recommend courses the first semester of a student's enrollment at CAC. For students who served in the Air Force, transcripts can be requested through CCAF website (

NOTE: Only students who served in the military need to submit military transcripts.

Unofficial transcripts both from military training and higher education institutions must be submitted to the SCO before certification of VA Education benefits can submitted to the Department of Veterans Affairs.

It is the responsibility of the student to request Official Transcripts from all institutions and the military. There normally is a cost to request official transcripts and have them sent to another educational institution. The mailing address is below:

Central Arizona College
Transcript Evaluation Office
805 S Idaho Rd
Apache Junction, AZ 85119

Students must also submit a Request for Transcript Evaluation Form. Once completed, the form can be submitted to the Registration office at any college location or fax to (480) 677-7744.

Mandatory Advising

All students receiving VA education benefits at CAC are required to meet with an academic advisor every semester to create or update their POS. Academic Advising is available at all campuses and most learning centers at CAC; additionally, online advising is available to students with extenuating circumstances that are unable to meet with an advisor. It is recommended students meet or schedule an appointment with an advisor as soon as the registration period is open for the upcoming semester. The following link provides additional information on advising:

An advisor ensures all courses taken fulfill requirements or are developmental courses taken to develop skills necessary to fulfill a requirement of the student’s Program of Study. If a course is not applicable or required of the student’s POS, they will not be certified by SCO. As mentioned previously, students with previous college/military training credits from higher education or military training must bring their unofficial transcripts when meeting with an advisor for the first time to determine possible transfer credit for a requirement of a student’s POS. Once students meet with an advisor, they will receive a POS; for a transfer degree, this is called a Master Academic Plan (MAP). Students must have the advisor sign off on the student’s POS or MAP before certification of VA education benefits and submitted to the Department of Veteran Affairs.   


General Information about VA Chapters and Programs


VA Chapters


Chapter 30 and 1606

Montgomery GI Bill

Chapter 33

Post 9/11 GI Bill

Chapter 33

Transfer of Post 9/11 GI Bill to Spouse and Dependents

Chapter 31

Vocational Rehabilitation

Chapter 35

Dependents of 100% Disabled/Deceased Veterans

Chapter 1607

Reserve Educational Assistance Program



Guest Students

Students who are receiving VA education benefits at another school but wants to take classes at CAC that are applicable to their degree at their home (parent) school, must turn in the following:



Contact Information

For further general inquires or assistance, please contact CAC's Veteran Services Specialist and VA School Certifying Official (SCO), Elizabeth Barrett at or 520-494-5517. She is located in Room M115A at the Signal Peak campus in Coolidge.

CAC receives Military Friendly Designation: Central Arizona College has been designated a Military Friendly School for 2012-2015 by G.I. Jobs Magazine. The magazine bases the designation on both research and a survey of over 8,000 schools, taking into account the policies, efforts, and results schools use to recruit and retain military and veteran students.

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