Overview of the Honors Program

The Honors Program at Central Arizona College provides intellectual challenge and stimulation for academically exceptional students. It encourages students to question, research, discover and debate ideas in various curricular areas. The insights gained through individual probing are shared with professors and students to broaden students' awareness in a variety of areas. The scholarly inquiry begun in this program provides a strong base for a lifelong quest for knowledge and excellence.

The Honors Program offers both flexibility and structure. Students relish the opportunity to work in an environment where expectations are high, support is key and extended courses are selected for individual appeal. Working within a solid structure, students are encouraged to tap into areas of inquiry that stimulate them in their own unique situations.

Students complete nine required credits in common with other Honors students. Included are six credits of Honors Colloquium (I and II) and three credits of Honors Seminar. In addition, students take three eligible regular courses (at least nine credits). These latter courses are taken for Honors credit through a process of their becoming Honors Extended courses. See Curriculum for details on coursework in the Honors Program.

Participation in the Honors Program carries a merit scholarship.

Graduated from the Honors Program 2015-2016:

  • Audrey Bimbi
  • Alejandra Cano
  • Tarynn Gragg
  • Cassandra Holcombe
  • Olivia Jaqua
  • Alexander Koltz
  • Jennifer Montreuil-McGowan
  • Alysha Terry

Honors Colloquia Completers 2015-16:

  • Andrew Chartrand
  • Christian Clark
  • Cameron Clayton
  • Thomas Cranmer
  • Aiesha Curley
  • Jayden Eggiman
  • Vanessa Jones
  • Henry Luna
  • Maria McBride
  • Berenice Pelayo

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