Honors Presentation Schedule

CAC's Honors Program is designed with academically outstanding students in mind. CAC Honors students conduct undergraduate research projects and would like to invite you to attend their Honor's Program Presentations for Spring 2015.

Spring 2015 Honor's Presentation Schedule

Signal Peak Campus- Room T116

Wednesday, 29 April
12:00 pm- Shiela Mae Ragasajo-The Journey in Learning English Language
12:20 pm- Amy Wax- The Relevance of Fairy Tales
12:40 pm- Rochelle Ranger- Producing a Better Future
1:00 pm- Alysha Terry- Positivity within Existentialism

Monday, 4 May
12:00 pm- Carolina Ruiz- The Impact of Technology
12:20 pm- Cassandra Holcombe- Varying Methods to Control the Pet Population and the Effects of Overpopulation
12:35 pm- Marley Henson- The Transformation of Beauty Standards for Women Around the Globe
12:55 pm- Alex Koltz- An Examination and Application of Video Game Design

Wednesday, 6 May
12:00 pm- Sarah Ziemba- Where Does Our Food Come From? The American Food Industry
12:20 pm- Cassandra Gifford- Nature v. Nuture: An Ongoing Debate
12:40 pm- Jacob Apodaca- Water World: What Casa Grande Does with it's Water
12:55 pm- Audrey Bimbi- An Evaluation of Broken Window Theory: Is Less Crime Equal to Neighborhood Safety?

Wednesday, 13 May
12:00 pm- Tarynn Gragg- An Insight into the Life of a Female Attorney: Challenges Women Face in the Field of Law
12:25 pm- James Peru- The Benefits of Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response
12:40 pm- Jennifer Montreuil- Diversity of Skydiving

Superstition Mountain Campus- Room F129

Thursday, 30 April
3:00 pm- Alejandra Cano- Genetic Engineering: The Ethics and Subsequent Implications on Future Health Care
3:30 pm-Olivia Jaqua- The Care and Cost of Psychiatric Patients

Thursday, 7 May
3:00 pm- Michael Windmueller- Comics: A Correlation in Time
3:25 pm- Yarazth Solorzano- Gender Differences in the Athletic Training Field
3:50 pm- Edna Garcia- Animation Over the Years

Thursday, 14 May
3:00 pm- Zach Hale- Renewable Technology
3:20 pm- Cole Capen- The Requirements of Teaching: Should it be Harder to be a Teacher?
3:35 pm- Katherine Rodriguez- Male Victims of Domestic Violence


You may contact the Honors Office at (520) 494-5380 for further information.

Central Arizona College - District Office 8470 N. Overfield Road, Coolidge, AZ 85128 Phone: 800-237-9814