Faculty Page

Adjunct Professor Barbara Breeze

Job Title: Professor of Education

Department: College of Education

Office location: Signal Peak, Cyberspace

Email Address: barbara.breeze@centralaz.edu

Instructional and interest areas: Elementary and Special Education

Certifications: Arizona State Elementary Education K-12; Arizona State Special Education, LD

Education: B.A. Elementary Education, Arizona State University; M.S. Elementary Education, Northern Arizona University

As a teacher with 40 years of experience, both in the areas of regular and special education, I have been extremely fortunate to love my profession. My career goals have been to demonstrate the highest level of commitment to my students, their families and to my colleagues. I have continually worked to improve my professional and interpersonal skills. As an adjunct professor at CAC for the past 8 years, I eagerly anticipate the beginning of each new semester for the opportunity to model good teaching practices and make a positive difference in the lives of aspiring teachers

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