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The Central Arizona College Science Department spans the disciplines of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geology, Astronomy, and Environmental Science. The department offers a wide range of courses in the natural sciences for degree completion, transfer to 4-year institutions and personal interest. Whether you dream of becoming a scientist, engineer, or health professional, or need to complete a degree requirement in another field of study, you'll find the right course to unlock the wonder and excitement of science.

Biological Sciences

The biological sciences at CAC include applied and basic biology concepts, including general biology, microbiology, human anatomy and physiology, and human biology for allied health. Learn life skills and develop job skills. Skills, success, your future; these courses will help you attain your goals.

General Biology

CAC offers general biology coursework, transferable to ASU, NAU, or UA, for the student seeking a degree in biology or a professional discipline (e.g., medical, dental, pharmacy).   Discover principles of laboratory science and build foundations in cell biology, genetics, ecology, evolution, and more. 

Environmental Science

Environmental Science is the study of interrelationships between human activities and the environment. These courses examine effects of human actions on the environment, and the means by which policies, regulations, and decisions influence human actions. These courses also examine human behavioral, cultural, and sociological interactions that affect the environment.

Human Biology

These courses encompass fundamental anatomy and physiology of the human body. Basic biology, chemistry and biochemistry essential to human function are explored. Microbiology can be useful for any of the biological sciences, as well as for Environmental science.

Life Sciences

Life science courses help students break down the barriers for understanding what life is, what life was in our past and what life might be in our future. Making those connections will help our students understand their own role and responsibilities in society today. Students will develop an integrated view of life from the perspective of both unity of life and diversity of life.


Physical Sciences

The physical sciences at CAC include astronomy, chemistry, engineering, geology, and physics. Our courses also provide a good exercise program in critical thinking and problem solving. Even just one or two courses in the physical sciences will help you be more effective in reaching your future goals, because they give you the skills that employers want, even for non-science jobs.


Learn about the whole universe, from atoms to planets to galaxies and beyond. Hear the latest findings from NASA space missions. Our courses emphasize hands-on labs with binoculars, large and small telescopes, and cameras.

Spiral Galaxy M-51 taken with CAC's 24-inch telescope



Chemistry is the science that is centrally connected to all the others. It helps you to understand and have some control over every substance in the universe. Chemistry is behind everything any company makes and sells. It’s behind everything you buy, including the food you eat. Knowing some chemistry opens the door to understanding the human body, and is vital for nursing and medical careers.


Engineering is the practical and creative application of science, mathematics, and critical thinking to solve complex problems that improve and enhance our quality of life. Engineers typically work collaboratively in multi-disciplinary teams and use a systematic method, with key steps that include understanding and modeling of problems, examining trade-offs resulting from different approaches, prototyping and testing ideas, and implementing solutions. 


These courses cover the Earth, its history, and its resources. Learn about energy sources present and future. Learn why scientists expect dramatically changing climate. Our courses use our extensive collection of rocks, minerals and fossils, and include field trips to some of Arizona’s dramatic geologic attractions.


Physics is the art of describing the behavior of matter and energy as it exists in space and time. In that process, we study many different types of forces and their ability to render change in physical systems.


Recommended Science Courses for Major Pathways

Please click on the following link for your area of interest:

Pre-Pharmacy (not Pharmacy tech)

Many science students find it helpful to bring a printout for their desired major with them whenever they talk with an academic advisor, or for registering for classes.

If you are interested in a career in one of these fields, please contact the STEM Advisor, Carrie McIntyre, at or (520) 494-5019.

[Information regarding other health science careers (e.g., Pharmacy Technician, or radiology) is at the Health Careers Division site.]

Recommended Classes for Non-Science Majors

(Science Division Courses Satisfying AGEC Requirements)

The Science Division offers several courses that satisfy AGEC science needs. The following courses have few prerequisites beyond math and reading.

AST101 BIO100 BIO156 BIO160 CHM130
ENV101 GLG101 GLG102 GLG110 PHY100



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