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Fire Science Division Chair: Amy Brooks
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The departments offer courses in Fire Science, Hazardous Materials, Wildland Fire Training, and many other areas. An Associate of Applied Science Degree is available in Fire Science Technology. Certificates of Completion are available for Firefighter Operations, Driver Operator, and Wildland Operations.

AAS in Fire Service Technology Program Outcomes:

  • Summarize the basic steps necessary for the investigation of fires (FSC 108)
  • Pump a fire apparatus following proper procedures (FSC 117)
  • Summarize water supply and explain related hydraulic formulas (FSC 118)
  • Identify and explain the foundation of ethics as it applies to firefighter duties and liabilities (FSC 119)
  • Describe the fires responder's initial responsibilities upon arriving at a hazardous materials incident (FSC 129)
  • Contrast and compare firefighter health and fitness to performance, productivity, and quality of life in the workplace (FSC 134)
  • Explain and demonstrate overall tacticqal operations applied to a structural fire (FSC 140)
  • Describe local and interagency relationships iin teh Arizona Wildland Firefighting System and roles for wildland fire suppression (FSC 180)
  • Demonstrate the role and assume the responsibilities of the Incident Commander at a simulated emergency incident,k following local procedures and national standards (FSC 204)
  • Analyze the hazards and tactical considerations associated with the various types of building construction (FSC 208)
  • Differentiate the classifications of building construction as they relate to fire investigators (FSC 209)
Program Results

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