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Pathway III

FAST TRACK comprehensive curriculum designed for individuals with a minimum of two years of institutional foodservice management experience. Upon successful completion of the three NTR courses (NTR105, NTR223, and NTR240), students must send an email to nutrition@centralaz.edu to confirm their personal information. The email must include: First and Last Name / CACID Number /Mailing Address. After receiving this email, a Certificate of Completion from Central Arizona College will be mailed to student.

Registration Steps for FAST TRACK Pathway III

Pathway I

Nutrition and Foodservice Professional Training Program (formerly known as Dietary Manager Training Program) designed for individuals that do not have two years of institution foodservice management experience.
Major Code: 1326

Approved since 1988 by the Association of Nutrition & Foodservice Professionals (ANFP). The ANFP Program Review Committee has granted full approval to the online Nutrition and Foodservice Professional Training Program (formerly known as Dietary Manager Training Program) through August 21, 2018.


Program Overview

Description and Career Information
Required Courses

Registration Process

How to get started This link includes information in regards to:
Admissions, Advising, Class Schedules, Registration, Paying for College, Financial Aid, Drop/Add, and Refunds

DM Internship Information

Internship Information

DM Projects:
Project A - Nutrition and Medical Nutrition Therapy
Project B - Management of Food Service
Project C - Human Resource Management
Project D - Sanitation and Food Safety

Graduation and National Exams

CAC Certificate Requirements
National Certification (Credentialing Exam)

Surveys 2008-2013 Graduate/Employer Satisfaction Summary
Surveys 2003-2008 Graduate/Employer Satisfaction Summary

Description and Career Information
The Nutrition and Foodservice Professional Training Program (formerly known as Dietary Manager Training Program) consists of 12 credits of food and nutrition courses and 4 credits (150 hours) of practical experience. The entire program may be completed online in 3 semesters part-time.

CDM, CFPPs are nationally recognized experts at managing food service operations. Many work in healthcare, nursing facilities, rehabilitation facilities, senior living communities, or hospitals. Some work in correctional facilities, schools, and the military. Others work for corporations. Certified Dietary Managers are trained and qualified to manage menus, food purchasing, and food preparation; and to apply nutrition principles, document nutrition information, ensure food safety, manage work teams, and much more. http://www.anfponline.org/become-a-cdm/cdm-cfp-career-info

2017-2018 Required Courses (16 credits)

Recommended Proficiencies:
High School Diploma or GED
Computer course strongly recommended

NTR104 Nutrition (3) Prerequisite: RDG100
NTR223 Food Service Management (3) Prerequisite: RDG100
NTR240 Clinical Nutrition (3) Prerequisite: NTR104 or NTR141 or NTR200
NTR255 Medical Terminology, Labs & Food Interaction (1) Prerequisites: NTR104 or NTR200
NTR156 Foundations of Dietary Manager Internship (2) Prerequisites: NTR104 and NTR223
NTR196 Dietary Manager Internship (4) Prerequisite: NTR156, NTR223, NTR240, and NTR255


Central Arizona College Certificate Requirements

• A minimum of one third of the credits completed at CAC
• Completion of the courses outlined including internship
• Meet all transfer credit requirements (if applicable)
• Cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 on a 4.0 scale
• Payment of all financial obligations owed to the college


DM Internship Information

The DM Internship requires a minimum of 150 hours of practical experience coordinated by the Dietetic Education Program Director and RD/Facilitator. From the 150 hours, 50 must be supervised by the RD/Facilitator. Additionally, the intern must document at least 100 hours compiling a portfolio that will be submitted to the CAC RD/Instructor of record.

Prior to beginning the internship experience, interns are required to register in NTR156 Foundations of Dietary Manager Internship. NTR156 is a two-credit class offered online. This class provides the foundation required to successfully complete the internship by identifying rotation facilities and RD/Facilitator(s). The course emphasizes the legal and ethical aspects specific to internships for nutrition professionals.


National Certification (Credentialing Exam)
Students who complete the certificate are eligible to earn two credentials, Certified Dietary Manager (CDM) and Certified Food Protection Professional (CFPP), by taking a National Certification Exam offered by Association of Nutrition & Foodservice Professionals. This exam is offered year-round at more than 200 approved computer testing centers. Please refer to Exam Candidate Handbook.

The Central Arizona College Nutrition and Foodservice Professional Training Program (formerly known as Dietary Manager Training Program) has been approved by the Association of Nutrition & Foodservice Professionals.



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