Culinary Arts Certificate I

Culinary Arts Certificate I

This certificate prepares students to become entry-level culinary professionals within a variety of commercial foodservice operations.  Credits from Culinary Arts Certificate I may be applied toward the Culinary Arts Certificate II.

2016-2017 Required Courses (16 Total Credits)

CUL130 Culinary Principles and Applications I (3 cr) Pre-req. RDG094, MAT082 or higher

Food Safety Foundations (1 cr) OR NTR105 ServSafe Certification (1 cr) Pre-req. RDG094

Nutrition (3) AND NTR104L Personal Wellness Lab (1) OR
NTR104 (3) AND (1) CUL Arts Elective OR
NTR141 Nutrition & Wellness (4 cr) Pre-req. RDG094 OR
CUL268 Nutrition & Special Needs Baking (3) Pre-req. CUL160 AND (1) CUL Arts Elective

CUL160 Baking and Pastry I (3 cr) Pre-req. RDG094, MAT082 or higher

Dining and Beverage Operations (2 cr) Co-req. RDG094

Food Service Management (3 cr) OR HRM 103 Managing Food Service Operations (2 cr) Pre-req. CUL105 or NTR105

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