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FALL 2014

Maricopa Campus

CUL116 French Cuisine CRN 10617, 09/09-10/07/14

CUL261 Advanced Cake Decorating CRN10615, 10/02-10/30/14

CUL112 Italian Cuisine CRN10618, 10/14-11/04/14

CUL262 Wedding Cakes CRN10614, 11/06-12/11/14

CUL263 Everything Chocolate CRN10616, 11/19-12/10/14

NEW San Tan Campus

CUL112 Italian Cuisine CRN11663, 11/18-12/09/14

CUL161 Cake Decorating CRN11662, 11/03-12/01/14

Signal Peak Campus

CUL265 Artisan Bread
CRN10598, 09/03-10/01/14

CUL161 Cake Decorating CRN10739, 09/08-10/06/14

CUL112 Italian Cuisine
CRN10599, 10/30-11/20/14

CUL162 Cakes, Fillings, Frostings CRN10601, 10/13-11/10/14

CUL114 Mexican & Latin Amer Cuisine CRN10605, 11/12-12/03/14


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