A.A.S. Popular Music Performance Degree

Popular Music Performance A.A.S. Degree

Program Description:
The Popular Music Performance A.A.S. degree prepares individuals for entry-level positions in the entertainment industry by providing an opportunity to gain a broad knowledge of skills needed for song writing, and all aspects of live popular music performance and recording.

Nicknamed CAC's "School of Rock," the Popular Music Performance degree program teaches you how to become a rock star, focusing on everything from how to perfect your sound, to building confidence, charisma, and comfortability on stage, interacting with the audience, writing recording and publishing hit songs, putting on energetic and entertaining shows, and actually making money in a career as a stage performer.

Imagine taking classes where "band practice" is required, and your "exams" are based on the improvement exhibited during concert performances! With rigorous coaching, mentorship, and hours of stage rehearsal time, students in the Popular Music Performance program learn from their mistakes before entering the harshly critical court of public opinion by experimenting with technique and execution in a safe, controlled, carefully crafted environment with a strategic curriculum crafted to ensure success.

Employment Opportunities:
Performing Artist

Semester Hours:
65.5 credits


Fall Semester I                                                             Prerequisites
EIT 100 - History of Rock & Roll                                     RDG094
EIT 101 - Introduction To Entertainment                       RDG094
EIT 151 - Digital Audio Workstation                                None
EIT 170 - Performance Skills                                          Approval of Coordinator
BUS 101 or MAT 101 or Above                                       MAT086 & MAT092
MTC 100 - Fundamentals of Music                                  None
MTC 101 - Aural Fundamentals                                      None

Spring Semester II                                                        Prerequsites
CIS 120 - Survey of Computer Information Systems      RDG094
EIT 170 - Performance Skills                                          Approval of Coordinator
EIT 120 - Entertainment Law                                        EIT101
COM 100 - Fundamentals of Human Communication      RDG094
EIT 130 - Live Audio Production I                                   EIT101
EIT 140 - Introduction to Lighting                                  EIT101

Summer Term                                                               Prerequisites
ENG101 - English Composition I                                    RDG094
PSY101 - Introduction to Psychology                              RDG094

Fall Semester III                                                           Prerequisites
EIT 221 - Entertainment Marketing & Promotion           EIT120
BUS 122 - Small Business Management                        RDG094
CBA210 - Web Tools Development                                 RDG094     
EIT 222 - Artist Management                                        EIT120
EIT 171 - Songwriting I                                                 MTC100
EIT 170 - Performance Skills                                          Approval of Coordinator

Spring Semester IV                                                      Prerequisites
EIT 203 - Entertainment Capstone Project                    Approval of Coordinator
EIT 172 - Songwriting II                                               EIT171
ENG 200 - Creative Writing                                           RDG094
Physical and Biological Science - 100 Level or Higher      RDG094
Physical Education                                                        None     
EIT 170 - Performance Skills                                         Approval of Coordinator                                                 

Other Requirements:
• Reading Competency: RDG 094 College Reading
• Cumulative grade point average of at least a 2.0 on a 4.0 scale
• Minimum of 20 credits completed at CAC

1. Differentiate between the prominent rock styles from 1950 to present.
2. Describe, define, and compare careers in the music industry including specialization tracks and job titles.
3. Explain contract law pertaining to the entertainment industry.
4. Conduct basic sound reinforcement tasks for a variety of events.
5. Program and operate a standard computerized lighting control console.
6. Create a recording project using Pro-Tools.
7. Design and perform a short show to include all elements of performance, including live sound reinforcement and lighting design.
8. Express different processes to create song ideas and lyrics from varied sources.
9. Generate various colors utilizing different grooves, harmony (chords), and modes (melody) with a single or multiple songs.
10. Present a completed project to the faculty advisor, committee, and/or public forum for evaluation as appropriate, in accordance with established methodology, rubric(s), and guidelines.
11. Develop a self-promotion package.
12. Create a career plan for a fictional artist(s) that includes:
a) developing a strategy
b) setting benchmarks
c) developing a budget
d) launching the career
e) fostering the career
f) planning a small tour
13. Prepare a business plan and explain the plan’s importance.
14. Produce web pages that attract and retain users.
15. Apply and synthesize literary concepts and techniques to one's own writing in order to make it more effective at achieving its purpose.
16. Sightsing a simple melody.
17. Demonstrate how the basic properties of time and sound relate to music.

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