Artist and Venue Management A.A.S. Degree

ConcertArtist and Venue Management
A.A.S. Degree

Program Description:
The Artist and Venue Management A.A.S. degree prepares individuals for entry-level positions in the entertainment industry by providing an opportunity to gain a broad knowledge of business, entertainment law, marketing, management, and the ability to manage entertainment facilities or performers. For every well-known national recording artist, there are about 40 jobs that support that artist, and someone needs to be in charge of that enterprise. Enter the Artist Manager, who oversees every aspect of the artist's career.

Likewise, Venue owners run the facilities in which musicians perform. Within the Artist & Venue Management track, learn the business side of the entertainment industry so you can profit from the music industry, make smart career decisions, avoid costly legal mistakes, and run your own business by providing entertainment services.

Employment Opportunities:
Artist Manager
Artist Assistant
Venue Manager/Owner
Tour Manager
Stage Manager
Event Manager

Semester Hours:
70 credits

Fall Semester I                                                              Prerequisite                                            
BUS 100 - Introduction to Business                                RDG094
BUS 101 or MAT 101 or Above                                       MAT086 & MAT092
EIT 100 - History of Rock & Roll                                      RDG094
EIT 101 - Introduction To Entertainment                        RDG094
EIT 151 - Digital Audio Workstation                                None

Spring Semester II                                                        Prerequisite
CIS 120 - Survey of Computer Information Systems      RDG094
EIT 120 - Entertainment Law                                        EIT101
EIT 130 - Live Sound Production I                                  EIT101
EIT 140 - Introduction to Lighting                                  EIT101
COM 100 - Fundamentals of Human Communication      RDG094
Physical Education                                                         None

Summer Term                                                              Prerequsitie
ENG101 - English Composition III                                 RDG094
PSY101 - Introduction to Psychology                             RDG094

Fall Semester III                                                          Prerequisite
EIT 221 - Entertainment Marketing & Promotion           EIT120
BUS 122 - Small Business Management                        RDG094
ACC 100 - Fundamentals of Accounting                         RDG094
CBA 210 - Web Development Tools                                CIS120      
EIT 222 - Artist Management                                        EIT120
EIT 296 - Entertainment Internship                              Approval of Coordinator

Spring Semester IV                                                      Prerequisites
BUS 190 - Applied Business Management                      BUS100            
ACC 121 - Income Tax Fundamentals                           RDG094
EIT 223 - Events & Venue Management                        EIT221
EIT 203 - Entertainment Capstone Project                    Approval of Coordinator
Physical and Biological Science - 100 Level or Higher     RDG094

Other Requirements:
• Reading Competency: RDG 094 College Reading
• Cumulative grade point average of at least a 2.0 on a 4.0 scale
• Minimum of 20 credits completed at CAC

1. Differentiate between the prominent rock styles from 1950 to present.
2. Describe, define, and compare careers in the music industry including specialization tracks and job titles.
3. Explain contract law pertaining to the entertainment industry.
4. Conduct basic sound reinforcement tasks for a variety of events.
5. Program and operate a standard computerized lighting control console.
6. Create a recording project using Pro-Tools.
7. Assess an internship experience in relation to previous course work, completed contract(s), and future employment opportunities.
8. Present a completed project to the faculty advisor, committee, and/or public forum for evaluation as appropriate, in accordance with established methodology, rubric(s), and guidelines.
9. Develop a self-promotion package.
10. Create a career plan for a fictional artist(s) that includes:
a) developing a strategy
b) setting benchmarks
c) developing a budget
d) launching the career
e) fostering the career
f) planning a small tour
11. Devise the specific elements of staging a particular event to include a stage plan, lighting, sound reinforcement, hospitality/catering, and aesthetic appeal.
12. Apply classroom instruction in the Entertainment Industry Technology program to a practical work experience situation.
13. Maintain a complete set of accounting records for a sole proprietorship, including the financial statements and completion of the accounting cycle.
14. Prepare tax forms and schedules manually and using computer software.
15. Predict the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of business ownership, including entrepreneurship.
16. Prepare a business plan and explain the plan’s importance.
17. Identify various management tools and models which aid managers.
18. Produce web pages that attract and retain users.


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