Digital Photography


In the Digital Age, advanced technology is available to almost everyone. Knowing how to utilize that technology can be another matter. At CAC we offer classes where students obtain a well rounded understanding of their digital cameras and their capabilities for professional, artistic and even everyday use. Students are guided in the use of the latest digital software available to manipulate digital images. Techniques that once took years to learn in a conventional darkroom, can now be mastered in months using the "digital darkroom." We are able to do this at the Signal Peak campus thru the use of our "State of the Art" Macintosh Computer lab, utilizing Abobe Photoshop software and the G5 Mac computers. Classes are geared for both the hobbiest (wanting to take better photographs) and the professional (looking to move on in fields utilizing these skills such as Graphic Design, Professional Photography and Web Design).

Two separate classes are offered thru the Mass Communications Department.

MSC130 Digital Photography and Photoshop

Students learn the basic components of creating quality images thru photographic assignments, that teach them the basics of composition, use of lighting and color. Students explore the basic functions of their cameras as well as , using the Adobe Photoshop software to manipulate their images. Cropping, using filters and layers as well as other Photoshop tools are covered in this introductory course. Students go thru the basics of printing their images and the options they have to use during the creative process. Students are encouraged to develop a personal style as they learn more about the photographic/printing process.


In the Advanced class students continue exploring the effects of lighting, capturing action, creating documentaries and advanced black & white techniques. Photo assignments include utilizing more complex Photoshop tools. Students study the more advanced types of printing techniques including the use of paper size and paper types to create the experience the student is striving for. This exploration culminates in the creation of a capstone photo essay by the student.






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