SKL - Skill Center

SKL101   Introduction to Construction Trades & Facilities Maintenance
SKL102   Construction Trades I
SKL103   Construction Trades II
SKL110   Life Math Skills
SKL115   Employment Readiness Program Pt I
SKL116   Employment Readiness Program Pt II
SKL117   Employment Skills
SKL120   Intro to Solar and Green Construction Concepts
SKL121   Intro to Green Block Construction
SKL122   Intro to Steel Framing
SKL123   Intro to Weatherization
SKL124   Intro to Rammed Earth and Straw Bale Construction
SKL125   Intro to Solar Panel Systems
SKL126   Building Analyst Energy Auditor
SKL130   Intro to Weatherization, Solar & Green Construction
SKL141   Overview of Office Assistant
SKL142   Green Office Solutions
SKL143   Basic Accounting Concepts
SKL144   Proofreading for Accuracy
SKL145   Communication Skills
SKL146   Employment Coaching Workshop
SKL149   Practicum for Computer Applications for Business Users

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