HPM - Health Patient Management

HPM125     Nursing Assistant
HPM136     Business Skills for Massage Therapy
HPM140     Medical Assisting Skills I
HPM141     Medical Assisting Skills II
HPM150     Chiropractic Assistant Training
HPM151     Study of Acupuncture for Health Care Professionals
HPM152     Study of Physiotherapy for Health Care Professionals
HPM154     Complementary and Alternative  Medicine
HPM160     Applied Anatomy for Massage Therapy
HPM162     Basic Pharmacology for Health Occupations
HPM169     Clinical Laboratory Assistant Basics I
HPM170     Clinical Laboratory Assistant Basics II
HPM171     Administrative Medical Procedures
HPM173     Pathophysiology
HPM175C   Practicum - Medical Assistant Degree Practicum
HPM175E   Medical Assistant Certificate Practicum
HPM175L   Practicum - Massage Therapy - Relaxation Massage
HPM175M   Practicum - Massage Therapy - Therapeutic Massage
HPM175N   Practicum - Massage Therapy for Special Populations
HPM175O   Practicum - Massage Therapy (Spa/Hydrotherapy)
HPM175P   Clinical Laboratory Assistant Practicum
HPM180     Therapeutic Massage I
HPM181     Therapeutic Massage II
HPM210     Review for Registered Medical Assistant Examination
HPM280     Therapeutic Massage III
HPM281     Therapeutic Massage IV
HPM282     Therapeutic Massage V

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