CIS - Computer Information Systems

CIS110 Fundamentals of Computer Literacy
CIS111 Introduction to the Internet
CIS112 Web Page Design Fundamentals
CIS113 E-Commerce and Social Media
CIS120 Survey of Computer Information Systems
CIS121 Microcomputer Operating System Fundamentals
CIS123 Introduction to Programming
CIS129 Database Fundamentals
CIS130 Networking Essentials
CIS135 Principles of Telephony and Telecommunications
CIS150 Windows Server
CIS152 Network Infrastructure
CIS153 Network Security
CIS157 Computer Forensics and Investigation
CIS170 Java Script Programming
CIS172 Fundamentals of Ruby Programming
CIS176 Python Programming
CIS178 Database Fundamentals and Programming
CIS181 C# .NET

CIS210 Cloud Computing
CIS213 Linux Server
CIS214 Application Development in Excel
CIS216 Java Programming
CIS217 Application Development in Access
CIS218 C++ Programming
CIS219 Exchange Server 2008
CIS220 Security for Wireless Network
CIS231 Introduction to Data Structures
CIS232 Advanced Web Development with Game Programming
CIS233 Web Application Development using PHP
CIS235 Oracle Forms and Reports

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