AGC - Associated General Contractors

AGC101  Orientation - AGC and Trade   
AGC102  Introduction to Construction Math   
AGC103  Basic Safety
AGC104  Soils I 
AGC105  Grades I   
AGC106  Machine Orientation I
AGC107  Machine Operation I
AGC112  Introduction to Mechanical Technology
AGC113  Introduction to Mechanical Technology Lab
AGC114  Equipment Preventive Maintenance
AGC115  Equipment Preventive Maintenance Lab
AGC116  Mobile Air Conditioning
AGC117  Mobile Air Conditioning Lab
AGC121  Equipment Preventive Maintenance
AGC122  Introduction to Earth Moving   
AGC123  Machine Orientation II 
AGC124  Machine Operation II
AGC126  Electrical & Electronic Systems
AGC127  Electrical & Electronic Systems Lab
AGC128  Hydraulic Systems
AGC129  Hydraulic Systems Lab
AGC131  Safety Part II
AGC132  Rigging and Hoisting
AGC133  Machines Theory I
AGC134  Machine Operation III
AGC136  Chassis & Drive Systems
AGC137  Chassis & Drive Systems Lab
AGC138  Brakes, Steering, Suspension Systems
AGC139  Brakes, Steering, Suspension Systems Lab
AGC141  Soils II   
AGC142  Grades II 
AGC143  Machines Theory II
AGC144  Machine Operation IV
AGC151  Machines Theory III
AGC152  Advanced Safety 
AGC153  Soils III
AGC154  Machine Operation V 
AGC161  Finishing and Grading
AGC162  Operator Supervision
AGC163  Machine Operation VI
AGC171  Grades I ST
AGC172  Grades II ST
AGC173  Soil I ST
AGC174  Soils II ST
AGC175  Soils III ST
AGC176  Civil Blueprint Reading
AGC248  Diesel Engines I
AGC249  Diesel Engines I Lab
AGC258  Diesel Engines II
AGC259  Diesel Engines II Lab
AGC268  Systems Diagnostics & Reconditioning
AGC269  Systems Diagnostics & Reconditioning Lab

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