Command Spanish® Program

Command Spanish® Program

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Are you in a job or profession in which you interact with Spanish-speaking people? Let Central Arizona College's (CAC) Command Spanish® Program help you learn how to communicate better with them. CAC has established a Command Spanish® Program in cooperation with Command Spanish® Inc., the country’s leading provider of customized Spanish language programs and products.

The Command Spanish® Program offers innovative courses and workshops in occupational Spanish and cross-cultural training. The Program provides credit and noncredit training for many professions, including law enforcement, business and industry, education, medicine and dentistry, public safety, social services and government agencies. The Program also provides customized language and cross-cultural training for public and private agencies and organizations.

Command Spanish® Instruction

Not bound by traditional classroom language instruction, the Command Spanish® Program offers "real Spanish for real people". We provide easy-to-use language materials and workshops that require NO prior knowledge of Spanish. Command Spanish® techniques allow for immediate access to practical Spanish that is job-specific. Our certified language trainers have received intensive, specialized language instructional training, coupled with on-the-job shadowing experience.

Command Spanish® Benefits

  • Better communication
  • Improved job performance
  • Positive image in the Hispanic community
  • Increased safety
  • Can assist in protection from legal liability
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Enhanced public relations

Command Spanish® Features Certified Instructors

  • NO prior knowledge of Spanish required
  • Materials field-tested by experts
  • Latin American Spanish
  • Easy-to-learn phonetics
  • Job-specific language
  • Non-grammar based
  • Audio maintenance tapes

Command Spanish® and CAC

The Command Spanish® Program at CAC is an exclusive provider of Command Spanish® customized training seminars and workshops. The Program can provide training on-site or at CAC, as needed by your company or agency.

Enrollment is open to anyone. Workshops and seminars are available at Central Arizona College or on-site. No transcripts or entrance exams required. No residency requirements. No application procedure. CEUs available.

Some Command Spanish® Program courses offered by Central Arizona College include:

  • Criminal Justice
    • Survival Spanish for Law Enforcement Officers
    • Survival Spanish for Narcotics Officers
    • Survival Spanish for Highway Drug Interdiction
    • Survival Spanish for Jail Facilities
    • Survival Spanish for Correctional Staff
    • Survival Spanish for Probation Officers
    • Cross-cultural Training for Criminal Justice and Public Safety
  • Public Safety
    • Emergency Spanish for Firefighters
    • Survival Spanish for Paramedics and EMT
    • Cross-cultural Training for Criminal Justice and Public Safety
  • Educational Facilities
    • Survival Spanish for School Administrators,Teachers and Support Staff
    • Spanish for Child Care Centers
    • The Hispanic Student: Cross-cultural Training for Educators
  • Business, Commerce, Industry
    • Doing Business in Latin America: Survival Spanish and Cross-cultural Training
    • Office Spanish for Secretaries and Receptionists
    • Survival Spanish for Hotels and Restaurants
    • Survival Spanish for Fast Food Restaurants
    • Working with Spanish-Speaking Clients: Cross-cultural training
    • Spanish for Business Professionals
    • Supervising Spanish-Speaking Employees
    • Survival Spanish for Construction & Trades
    • Survival Spanish for Warehouse and Manufacturing
    • The Hispanic Employee: Cross-cultural Training for Human Resource Department
  • Medical and Allied Health
    • Spanish for Dental Staff
    • Survival Spanish for the Physician’s Office
    • Survival Spanish for Nurses
    • The Hispanic Patient: Cross-cultural training for Human Care Providers
  • Languages for International Travel
    • Spanish for International Travel
    • French for International Travel

In addition to the language programs, the Command Spanish® Program offers cross-cultural training seminars and materials designed to eliminate cultural misunderstandings in the workplace. This training helps non-Hispanics learn about the many culture-specific attitudes, beliefs, dispositions, and behaviors of Hispanics.

About the Program Director/Instructor

Mary Marrinan-Menchaca, lead instructor for Central Arizona College's Command Spanish® Program, is a language acquisition and learning specialist. She has a bachelor of arts in French and Spanish and an MEd. in Bilingual and Multicultural Education from Northern Arizona University.

Menchaca has over 20 years of teaching experience in Spanish, French and English as a Second Language. She has five years experience as a behavioral health administrator and counselor. She has been an interpreter and legal translator for courts and police departments in Central Arizona.

She teaches academic courses at Central Arizona College, is campus assistant dean, is program director for the Command Spanish® Program and is one of only a handful of certified Spanish trainers in Arizona. She has taught Command Spanish® to law enforcement agencies, school personnel, nurses, etc., throughout Arizona.

Content on this page is provided by the Command Spanish® Program.

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