2012 NEU Exchange

On January 13th, 2012, two students from Northeastern University in Shenyang, China, arrived at CAC for the spring semester. Their names are Yang Xiaolu and Oyang Anran and both are sophomores at the rop of their class in the NEU College of Foreign Studies. In addition, two administrative delegates from NEU will be at CAC during the month of February in order to observe the college's academic and administrative functions. They are Mr. Li He, Director of the NEU Alumni Association, and Mr. Lu Yang, Staff Member, General Affairs Section, NEU International Cooperation and Exchange Department.

Dinner at Big Wa Restaurant
Dinner at Big Wa Restaurant

Cross Cultural Communications
NEU exchange students with CAC students in Professor Foster's Cross Cultural Communications class

NEU Exchange Students
NEU Exchange Students Ouyang Anran and Yang Xiaolu

New Year
Yang Xiaolu and Ouyang Anran tell students in Mx. Noemi Herrera's first grade class at Stanfield Elementary School about the Chinese New Year

Casa Grande Historical Society
Li He, Gloria Smith, Dolores Underwood, Marge Jantz, and Lu Yang visiting Casa Grande Valley Historical Society

ESL Instruction
Mr. Li He receives English instruction from Sylvia Vega, ESL Tutor

Host Luncheon
CAC host volunteers Helen Denton and Gloria Smith visit with Li He and Lu Yang at a Luncheon Reception held in the home of Marge Jantz, who is also a CAC host volunteer

Grand Canyon
LuYang, LiHe, host volunteer Marlyn Gallager, Yang Xiaolu, and Onyang Anran visit the Grand Canyon

NEU Alumni
Northeastern University Alumni in San Francisco

NEU students - spring break
Ouyang Anran and Yang Xiolu in California

Easter Dinner with CAC hosts
Easter dinner with CAC Hosts Claire Davis, Sondra Bates, and Lori Matassa

Zumba Class
Onyang Anran with Zumba instructor Ponds

visiting Staff
(R) Mr. Lu Yang, NEU International Cooperation and Exchange Department, and (L) Mr. Li He, Director of the NEU Alumni Association

Arrival in Arizona
Mr. Lu Yang and Mr. Li He are greeted at Skyharbor Ariport by John and Jean Paddison, Rich King, and Dolores Underwood

Visit to Casa Grande Ruins
Lu Yang, Li He, Yang Xiaolu, and Ouyang Anran visit Casa Grange Ruins during the American Indian Arts Festival

McCartney Ranch Elementary
Mr. Li He and Mr. Lu Yang visit with McCartney Elementary teacher Robin Rosales

CAC Office
Mr. Li He in his office at CAC

Phoenix Dinner
Mr. Li and Mr. Lu enjoying dinner with Rich King and his wife Jen at Pinnacle Peak Patio in Phoenix

General Zhang's Son
Mr. Li and Mr. Lu meet with General Zhang's son and family in San Francisco. General Zhang was the founder of Northeastern University.

Birthday Celebration
NEU students celebrate Dolores Underwood's birthday with NEU students hosts Lori Matassa, Claire Davis, and Fay Fisher

Zumba Class
Yang Xiaolu with Zumba instructor Ponds

Yang Xiaolu Celebrates her 20th birthday
Host Coordinator Dolores Underwood helps Yang Xiaolu celebrate her 20th birthday

CAC Welcome Reception
NEU Exchange Students and Administrators Visit with CAC Guests at Welcome Reception

CAC Campus Tour
Louis Sanchez takes LiHe and LuYang on a tour of the CAC Campus

Vista Grande High School
Mr. Li He and Mr. Lu Yang during their visit to Vista Grande High School

Cholla Elementary School
Mr. Lu Yang and Mr. Li He visit with Beth Allsup, Media Center Director, and Rachael Wieland, 5th grade teacher, at Cholla Elementary School

After CAC
After departing from CAC, Mr. Li and Mr. Lu traveled to Los Angeles and San Francisco to visit NEU alumni

NEU students travel during spring break
Yang Xiaolu travels to Hollywood during 2012 spring break

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