2009 - NEU Students and Faculty Member Visit CAC

During this Fall Semester of 2009, a visiting faculty, Professor Ban Yonggang (Edward), and two students, Liu Xianghang and Chang Yuqing, traveled from Northeastern University in Shenyang, China, to Central Arizona College.  While at CAC Professor Ban taught English writing classes and a Chinese culture course, and Yuqing (Emma) and Xianghang (Cherry) studied a variety of subjects.  Enriched by their experiences at CAC, the students and professor returned to Northeastern University in January of 2010.  The student/faculty exchange is part of an ongoing cooperative program between both schools.  The following photos are of some of their experiences. 

Ban's Family
After a successful semester at Central Arizona College, Professor Ban returned home to his wife, Tian Wei (Vivian), and his son, Ban Hechao (Edson).

Basketball--The Universal Sport
Professor Ban plays point guard at CAC faculty basketball games

Chang Yuqing
Chang Yuqing uses an umbrella to ward off the hot Arizona sun

Host Hortensia Grabner
Yuqing celebrates her birthday with CAC Host Volunteer Hortensia Grabner

Halloween Festivities
Emma dresses as a devil for Halloween

Host visit
Cherry and Emma visit with host Jean Paddison

Office Hours
Professor Edward Ban enjoys his teaching experiences at CAC

Liu Xianghang
Liu Xianghang enjoys studying literature at CAC

Yuqing and Xianghang
Yuqing and Xianghang share a happy moment

Cherry's costume
Cherry dresses as an angel for Halloween

Past exchanges
Cherry and Emma meet with Summer (Liu Jainning), who was one of the first CAC/NEU exchange students. Summer is currently working on her PhD at Arizona State University.

Professor Ban's Chinese Culture Class
Professor Ban enjoys using technology to teach students about China and Chinese culture

Chang Yuqing
Chang Yuqing plays Twister with fellow students

Halloween Party
Halloween friends

Fun at CAC

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