Central Arizona College Students Want to Keep Four Day Class Schedule

By Angela Askey, Executive Director Public Relations and Marketing

In response to the proposed switch to a five day schedule presented during the February meeting of the Central Arizona College Governing Board, The Cactus (CAC’s newspaper) staff conducted a survey of students.

The pen and paper survey was conducted district wide. It simply asked students if the college should change to a five day week. Students were asked to indicate yes or no, sign their name and provide a reason as to why or why not the change should take place.

Of the 373 students who responded, 309 voted no to changing to a five day week. Students indicated that a change would interfere with work schedules and add a financial burden by having to commute an additional day. Others said the change would take away their day to catch up on homework.

Of the 64 students who voted yes for a change to the schedule, most requested that resources such as the library and learning center be open on Fridays for studying purposes.

CAC currently offers Weekend College classes at the Corporate Center and Superstition Mountain Campus, offering full-time professionals, stay-at-home parents, and even high school students the opportunity to take classes on Friday evenings and Saturdays. Students may enroll in traditional or hybrid courses.

Additional research is being conducted by the institution to determine student’s needs and the fiscal responsibility of changing to a five day week.

The Cactus can be viewed online at http://caccactus.com/.

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