New Logistics Course Being Offered at CAC

By Angela Askey, Director of Marketing 

Logistics describes the supply chain management or distribution concept. Simply stated, it is the art of getting the right products to the right place at the right time and in the right condition. Logistics are a critical function of businesses today who want to have a competitive advantage. 

New this fall, Central Arizona College is offering a Fundamentals of Logistics-Organization Management (BUS292) course. This three credit class will provide a foundation for job skills to support possible employment opportunities within Pinal County. Students will be introduced to the fundamentals of logistics, including procurement, inventory, transportation, warehousing, materials handling, packaging, information management, sustainability and international logistics of supply chain management. The course will be offered online from Sept. 1 through Dec. 13.

Industries are continuously seeking locations throughout the United States that provide favorable climate and standards of living, affordable labor costs, and optimal distribution locations to establish their business.

With a mild climate, projected growth of the Sun Corridor between Phoenix and Tucson, and close locale to important distribution points in Mexico and California, Pinal County meets many of these requirements. Transportation routes provided by the Union Pacific Railroad and the major interstates of I-10 and I-8 provide favorable supply chain routes inland.

Major industries such as Ross Laboratory, Frito Lay, Franklin Foods, and Ehrmann Arizona Dairy LLC each identified Pinal County as a favorable location to call home. Additionally, the PhoenixMart international commerce center selected to establish their business to business sourcing center in Casa Grande. In 2015, Tractor Supply Company plans to add a distribution center in Casa Grande, making it one of two Fortune 500 companies established here.

Gayle Haro, Business Department Chair explains, "Local industry representatives identified projected future job needs and requested courses such as BUS292. This new Logistics - Organizational Management course will provide some foundation for a skilled workforce to support current and developing industries while contributing to the economic development of Pinal County."

 BUS292 is part of the Associate of Applied Science Business degree and transfers into both the University of Arizona and Northern Arizona University Logistics and Supply Chain Management Bachelor of Science degree programs.

For more information or to register for the new Fundamentals of Logistics-Organization Management course visit or call 520-494-5487.


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