CACLive hits its stride on KQCK Radio

PINAL COUNTY, Ariz. - What started as an experimental drive down an Internet broadcasting road has quickly turned into an avenue of Central Arizona College information streaming weekly from the KQCK studios in the San Tan Valley.

CACLive is a weekly one-hour program that focuses on everything Central Arizona College. It airs each Thursday afternoon from 2:30-3:30 p.m. MST/AZT live from the KQCK studios at

The show is co-hosted by Tom Di Camillo, the director of public relations for Central Arizona College, and Joe Carreiro, the owner of the station.

More than two years ago the duo started brainstorming about a CAC-focused show that would fit into the station's local programming philosophy. On Sept. 1, 2011, the show launched to solid audience numbers thanks to the station's popularity and the interest in CAC by the community.

"This is one of the best shows in terms of content on KQCK," Carreiro said of CACLive. "The guests are dynamic, the programming is informative, and the commitment from CAC to make this work has been outstanding. The show has a great feel to it and it just continues to grow."

The KQCK studios are located just off Gary Road a few miles west of Hunt Highway in the San Tan Valley.

Guests are greeted by an eclectic mix of animals, including ostriches, reindeer, alpacas, peacocks and African guineas on Carreiro's agrarian property that belie the high-tech, state-of-the-art studio inside the compound.

The show is more than just Internet chatter - CACLive broadcasts in audio and video high definition to a worldwide audience.

"The show carries the message of Central Arizona College beyond the boundaries of Pinal County," Di Camillo explained. "It gives us a medium to spread the message of the institution that goes beyond ads, press releases, mobile apps and website hits. The program humanizes Central Arizona College by showing the culture of the institution - CAC is about people, not just buildings and locations."

Di Camillo has served in the public relations department at Central Arizona College for more than five years and has experience in hosting local talk shows.

"I use to co-host a community-based sports talk show in Chester County (PA) on an AM station that focused on the people of the county," he said. "We were successful because we made the show appealing enough to a wide-ranging audience without losing sight of the fact that the subject matter and guests were tied to the local community."

CACLive hit the Internet airwaves on Sept. 1, 2011, and has aired 27 different shows since opening day. The show will continue throughout the summer months and has guests booked though the end of May.

"When you start a program like this you need to get a feel for the content and flow of the show," Di Camillo explained. "We have plenty of material and subject matter, but you have to be aware of your audience. Listeners want to learn about the college, but when you can tie it to people - like having students as guests to illustrate the subject matter - it gives much more depth to the show."

The popular program is moving in that direction with shows featuring students scheduled during four of the next six weeks. CACLive is booked with guests through the end of May.

The following is a show schedule:

• April 12 - Bill Brown, executive director of institutional research & planning, talks about the launch of CAC's Career Coach program
• April 19 - Dan Bush and the band So Much for Serious - comprised of CAC students from the city of Maricopa - will perform live in the studio
• April 26 - Chris Wodka, CAC's vice president of finance, along with the architect and construction teams, will provide an update on the expansion taking place at the Superstition Mountain Campus
• May 3 - Special graduation show with guests to be announced
• May 10 - Luis Sanchez, CAC's director of recruitment and admissions, and Veronica Duran, CAC's registrar, are joined by CAC students, including CAC graduate Ashton Graham, to talk about the First Step program
• May 17 - Sherry Soria, coordinator of the TRiO Grant, joins CACLive with students who have participated in the Summer Bridge program
• May 24 - Peter Combs, Kristen Benedict and Debbie Tewa join the show to talk about a variety of new solar and bio-fuel programs now being offered at CAC
• May 31 (Tentative) - CAC Police Chief Luis Martinez talks about his role at Central Arizona College and his passion for observing the nighttime sky from his home in Casa Grande. Dan Bush hosts this week's show

The show is interactive as well. Listeners and viewers may call in to the studio to ask questions or participate via the online chat. Past shows are archived on the KQCK website.

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