Mimi Robidoux unlocks digital photography mysteries at CAC’s Florence Center in August

July 6, 2009

PINAL COUNTY, Ariz. – Paging through the instruction manual of a Canon Rebel XTi or any Nikon digital camera can be more challenging than explaining calculus to a first grader.

But at Central Arizona College’s Florence Center, digital photography expert Mimi Robidoux is offering a three-week class to simplify the buttons, lights and array of space shuttle gizmos that dot the modern tool used to take pictures.

“This class is a basic digital photography course with tips on lighting and technique,” Barbara Encinas, the community outreach coordinator at the Florence Center who organized the class at the request of the community, said. “It is designed for the novice as well as for those who wish to expand their photography skills.”

The community education class will meet on Tuesday mornings from 8:30-10:30 a.m. beginning Aug. 4 through Aug. 18 at the Florence Center which is located at 800 E. Butte Ave. The cost for the course is $34.

Students are required to bring their own cameras to class, giving them an opportunity to become comfortable with their own equipment.

“Students will take photographs during the class period and learn to upload and download them on the computer,” Encinas said. “They also will learn the basic concepts of photo editing software.”

Robidoux is no stranger to Central Arizona College having taught community education and Central Arizona Lifelong Learners (C.A.L.L.) classes in the past.

Since her teenage years in Colorado, Robidoux’s twin-talents of photography and writing have produced numerous publishable materials for newspapers and school annuals. She has distributed her photographs throughout Wyoming, Washington, California and Arizona.

“Throughout my college years I supplemented my authored reports, thesis and dissertation with photos to add visual aids to spark imagination about the material,” she explained.
After moving permanently to Arizona in 2005, Robidoux began to submit her work to the Friends of the San Tan Mountains Regional Park and Maricopa County Parks and
Recreation for use in brochures and on websites.

Pinal County Open Spaces and Open Trails also use her photos in a statewide PowerPoint presentation, while she provides photography of local ceremonies for the Fallen Heroes AZ website.

Robidoux understands that students who take her class have a broad range of uses for their cameras.
“As a college professor, I use photography to elicit feelings about the topics which aids in memory recall,” she explained. “For personal use, I write children’s stories and poems, adding photos of animals and each child featured in the collection.”

In 2006, Robidoux began teaching photography after creating and copyrighting unique course materials for beginners entitled An Artist’s Angle on Desert Digital Photography.

In 2008 and 2009 the course was taught at Central Arizona College for the C.A.L.L. program.

For more information on the digital photography class at the Florence Center, or to register for the program, please contact Barbara Encinas by phone at 520-494-6802, or by e-mail at barbara.encinas@centralaz.edu.



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