C.A.L.L. (Superstition Mountain Campus)

C.A.L.L. program rings in cool opportunities for those saddled by Arizona summer heat

APACHE JUNCTION, Ariz. - The scalding Arizona summers may incinerate the motivation to do much of anything, but Central Arizona College's Lifelong Learning (C.A.L.L.) program is boasting some cool opportunities to remain comfortably active.

From painting an Arctic landscape and sketching a waddling penguin to making Christmas heirlooms and viewing wintertime films, Central's Superstition Mountain Campus is the polar region to visit this summer.

"We're happy to present such a nice variety of classes in our summer catalog," Joan Clair, Central's director of community outreach, said. "The arts, crafts and movie classes are especially fun. We have great instructors, and taking classes like these gives folks a way to get out of the house, into the cool, and meet new people - or visit with old friends."

For budding artists who work with paintbrushes, pens or pencils, Beginning Watercolor and Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain are classes designed to teach the basics of the two art forms. Susan Hurst and Kittie McDermitt are seasoned artists and excellent teachers who will inspire students to succeed.

For more advanced artists, Portraits provides an opportunity for students to sharpen their skills by depicting people in traditional majestic poses. Live human models will allow artists to learn the anatomy of the skull and how to achieve a close likeness of the subject.

Students looking for a quiet environment to complete a project can sign up for the Art Lab, an open class with no instructors but plenty of support from other practicing artists.

It's never too early to start getting ready for the holidays. Crocheting for the Beginner by instructor Lee Wilkins will teach those who want to make their own holiday gifts how to create handmade hats, ponchos, lap throws or shawls with a personal touch to give to family and friends.

Shadow Box Craft teaches participants how to turn photos, knick-knacks, souvenirs and other collectibles into a palate of memories from a trip, holiday or special occasion. Instead of tucking memories inside a rarely-viewed photo album or shoebox, a homespun piece of artwork is now adorning a wall or end table.

"Most of the art and craft classes do require students to purchase special supplies or to pay an additional materials fee," Clair added, "so be sure to consult the C.A.L.L. catalog or contact the C.A.L.L."

If passive participation is more in tune with summer in Greater Phoenix, Movies to Make You Shiver planned by cinema buff Karen Cook will feature a series of six films over the course of six weeks with ice and snow as the setting.

"I plan on showing a couple of old classics, some foreign films and one or two recent releases," Cook explained. "While you're sitting in a darkened room, munching on popcorn and watching sled dogs or skiers, you will forget that it's 112 degrees outside."

The C.A.L.L. Summer Catalog can be found at libraries and chambers of commerce throughout Pinal County, or by contacting Joel Beck at the C.A.L.L. office by phone (480-677-7721 or 520-494-5444, x 7721) or e-mail (joel.beck@centralaz.edu).

(Central Arizona College's Superstition Mountain Campus is located at 273 Old West Highway, Apache Junction, AZ 85219.)


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