Central Arizona Lifelong Learning (C.A.L.L.)

Food and fun will be the main courses served by Central's C.A.L.L. program at Superstition Mountain Campus

APACHE JUNCTION, Ariz. - If you can’t get to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, Napa Valley for wine, China for spices, or Morocco for a hearty soup, then do the next best thing and make reservations for Central Arizona College’s food classes this spring.

Gourmet cooking and eating begin in February as the Central Arizona Lifelong Learning (C.A.L.L.) program offers a multi-course semester meal featuring everything from wine and milk to the understanding of what really lurks in your spice rack. Learn how to cook like an expert and eat like an owner of an unlimited expense account – from your own home.

The appetizer will be served on Tuesday, February 6, with the field trip course Penzeys – The Spices of Life. The journey around the spice world will take place at the Penzeys Spices store with owner Gerri Perrillo, who will introduce a wide variety of spices and help students choose the right flavorings for cooking and baking.

The first part of the main course will be presented on February 8 with a Cajun feast entitled Cooking with Rei: Fat Tuesday. Popular Chef Rei Rubio’s classes are always fun and fill up fast.

Wine will be served on March 8 and 15 with Joan Clair, wine aficionado and gourmet cook, who will teach Wine: From Vine to Table. Learn about the various types of wines, plus get information on its colorful history. Winemaking, tasting, and food and wine pairings are also part of the class.

Chef Rei returns to complete the main course on Wednesday, March 14, with a class on Moroccan-style cooking. Rei will demonstrate how to make a traditional soup, drink and an entrée, and students will have an opportunity to eat the meal they have created.

Dessert will feature a Holstein and films.
Movies about Food will give participants a chance to view and discuss six feature films from all over the world that center on food or have food as a major theme.

“We will even supply you with fresh, hot popcorn,” Karen Cook, the host of the program, said. The series begins on Tuesday, February 20, and will run each Tuesday (with the exception of March 20) until April 3.

Holy Cow! is a tour of Shamrock Farms in Stanfield, Arizona. “We will see lots of cows,” Clair, who will exchange her wine expertise for dairy queen duties, said. “Students will learn about high-tech milking and how the dairy operates. It will be a moo-ving experience.”

The tour will take place on Tuesday, March 13, and end with participants receiving a frosty bottle of chocolate milk.

If you like to cook or eat, sign up now for one of these outstanding educational, interesting and fun classes being offered by Central. For more information or to register for any of the programs, contact Joel Beck at the C.A.L.L. office by phone, 480-677-7721 / 520-494-5444 x7721, or by e-mail at joel.beck@centralaz.edu.

(Kari Flowers was a primary contributor to this release)


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