Site Photos
Rock wall being constructed along the west elevation of the Academic Building

View from the bridge looking from the South to North

View of offices being framed in the Computer Commons Area

Looking Northwest from the bridge linking north and south halves of the building toward Learning Center

Switching stations for new underground electrical service and new light pole

Railroad car structure and bed to be used for vehicular bridges

South railroad car vehicular bridge to the west of the new Academic Building

View from bridge looking North

Exterior Elevation Looking North

Grading for new tear drop at east entrance drive

New water lines for the Academic Building being slurry encased before back filling

Entry with new signage including logo

North railroad car vehicular bridge to the west on the new Academic Building

Air handling unit being moved into the South Building

Looking Southwest from the bridge linking North and South halves of building toward Learning Center

New water service for Academic Building

Railroad cars with new Academic Building in background

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