Academics Building
Bridge area facing south at clerestory windows on left

Entry stair on to the Bridge

Copper roofing continues on the south and west sides of the building

Cedar planking along the walls on the bridge

West elevation focusing on the bridge and area between the north and south halves of building

South elevation where clerestory framing projects pass the face of the building

Cedar wall planking on the bridge

New doors and windows cut into the masonry. Old doorway being masonry filled.

Ceiling painted black

Bridge over the wash looking north

Looking southeast at the building

Railroad car bridges, concrete curbs and sidewalks have just been poured.

Copper Clad Photos 2

Bridge offices facing north, note copper soffit trim above glass

More Ceiling Work

Copper fascia trim being installed along the south elevation

Cedar planking being placed on the ceilings over the Learning Resource Center

North elevation-front of building where glass installation continues

East elevation where the bridge connects the north and the south parts of the building

North elevation

South side at the stairs being constructed onto the bridge

Looking north on the bridge at concrete floor grinding in progress

Bridge over the wash looking west

Aluminum window wall elements installed along the north elevation

Bridge looking south note the way the end of the tiered classroom juts-out into the corridor

Copper Clad Photos

Bridge Offices being painted looking south

Learning Center above ceiling work continues

Clerestory windows being placed along the bridge

Northwest corner and front entrance

West elevation where the installation of copper sheeting is now complete

Grading of roads along east side of building which cross over the recycled railroad car bridges

Grease tank and associated plumbing

Looking east at the Superstitions from the Learning Resource Center

Bridge over the wash

West Elevation - Copper

Metal side construction

Copper Clad Photos 3

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