Master Plan


In November 2008, the voters of Pinal County approved the authorization to issue $98,975,000 in General Obligation bonds to fund a major portion of the first phase Capital Development Plan. In July 2009, the District sold $40,000,000 in General Obligation bonds. The remainder of the bonds $58,975,000 are anticipated to be sold during the first quarter of 2012. As of October 1, 2011, the following progress has occurred on the first phase of the plan:

Superstition Mountain Campus - Work is proceeding in accordance with the District's (FY 2009-2010) previously approved Master Plan for the Superstition Mountain Campus.

The first phase of the plan calls for developing a new main entrance into the campus, purchasing additional acreage along the main entrance, condemning and removing Broadway Road which bisects the campus property, building an internal loop road around the campus, the construction of a new instructional/student services and central plant building, along with the renovation of existing facilities.

In accordance with the District's cooperative agreement with the City of Apache Junction, the intersection improvements and re-signalization at Winchester Road and Old West Highway were completed January 20th. See photos.

At the District's Board of Governors meeting on January 18th, 2011, Not-To-Exceed (NTE) pricing for construction was authorized as follows:

Central Plant & Loop Road $5,588,439
New Academic Building $11,391,560
New Site Work $1,377,000
Renovate Existing Buildings $2,347,130
Renovate Existing Site $690,420





The Central Plant came on line in April of 2011, providing a new cooling tower and hydronic piping to serve the existing campus. The plant includes two new chillers and flat plate heat exchanger to provide heating and cooling for the new Academic Building to be completed next July. In addition, the plant contains space for an additional chiller and cooling tower to serve future campus expansions.

Signal Peak Campus – In FY 2009-2010 the District completed construction of a new Public Safety Training facility funded by a State supplemental appropriation. In November 2009 the District purchased an additional 103 acres of land adjacent to Signal Peak Campus for future campus expansion. The District also completed the renovation of a science lab classroom on campus using Federal grant and institutional funds.

At the District’s Board of Governors meeting on January 18th, 2011, Not-To-Exceed (NTE) pricing for construction was authorized as follows:

Building-H, (O'Neil) Administrative Offices $2,106,062
Building-M, Student Services $193,942
Building-O, Interactive Learning Center $483,832
Building-F New Childcare Facility $891,144
Added Parking & Renovation / Revised Entry $1,099,132





Renovation work was started shortly after the Board of Governors approval in January and was completed in August/September 2011. The District’s Administration Building (Building-H, O’Neil) was completely remodeled and houses the President, Vice-Presidents, Finance, Human Resources and Institutional Effectiveness offices. The H Building now has enhanced access, energy efficient HVAC systems, lighting, windows, etc. along with an efficient use of space. The Student Services Building (Building-M) now has expanded advising and university transfer offices. The Interactive Learning Center (Building-O) now has an expanded testing center along with an upgrade of the Deans’ offices. The parking lot renovation redesigned the existing parking to more efficient perpendicular stalls that added 184 spaces campus wide. The parking renovation also distributed the accessible parking to the various site venues for building and athletic events. It also increased the landscape architecture with additional trees for shade and plantings in the parking and perimeter areas. The new Childcare Center (Building-F) was completed and opened for the start of the Fall term. The new Childcare Center expanded the classrooms and associated facilities for learning, care and play. This facility can now accommodate up to 40 students. See photos.

At the District’s Board of Governors Meeting on June 21th, 2011, Not-To-Exceed (NTE) pricing for construction was authorized as follows:

Building-W Leslie A. Wakefield Center $1,700,000
Building-P, Don P. Pence Center $5,951,000
Building-V, Paul Pearce Center $500,000



Renovation work started for Buildings W, P and V in September 2011. Anticipated completion dates are mid-year 2012. See photos.

The Wakefield Center (Building-W) will be a complete interior demolition and remodel. It will include an expansion of the Nursing and Careers Labs and classrooms. The Pence Center (Building-P) will develop “state-of-the-art” items to replace 40-year old infrastructure of the facility, upgraded lobby, restrooms, and control room along with making the center ADA compliant. The Pearce Center (Building-V) building will undergo repair and/or replacement of doors, windows and infrastructure.

Aravaipa Campus – At the District’s Board of Governors Meeting on January 18th, 2011, Not-To-Exceed (NTE) pricing for construction was authorized as follows:

Building-A, Added Classrooms $394,357
Building-B, Learning Resource Center $1,030,956
Building-E, ITV Computer Classrooms / Labs $1,309,125
Sitework, Drainage, Mall, F-S Infrastructure $487,350



Building-A construction started in February and was completed by the start of the Fall term. The remodeling included adding a classroom, offices and new accessible entries with service spaces. Building B construction started in the Spring and is anticipated to be completed by the end of December of this year. Building-B when completed will house the library and student services. It will include an expanded library, new testing services and advising offices. The building will also be significantly improved in terms of energy efficiency. Building-E, also anticipated to be completed by the end of December, will have expanded ITV classrooms, a new community room and multi-purpose rooms. Also, newly created student gathering and study spaces to provide a better learning environment. The site work is ongoing with a completion date of January 2012. It will include improved site drainage, a defined pedestrian mall, revised parking and traffic plan, and added infrastructure for building fire sprinklers. See photos.

Maricopa Campus
– In 2006 the District started leasing space in the City of Maricopa for offices and classrooms to serve the surrounding community. In September 2010 the District purchased 217 acres in the City of Maricopa for the Maricopa Campus. In conjunction with the purchase, the City of Maricopa has now revised and approved the Land Use Plan, allowing the District to move forward with the required rezoning.

The Master Site Plan for the campus is nearing completion and the ground breaking ceremony is scheduled for December 16, 2011. Currently four buildings are being planned in the first phase at approximately 76,000 gross square feet. Anticipated opening of the first building is expected to be the Spring term of 2013. See photos.

San Tan Campus – In January 2008 the District leased approximately 7,000 square feet of space in the San Tan/Johnson Ranch area for offices and classrooms to serve the surrounding community. Renovation work, which started in August 2010 to add an additional 3,000 square feet of adjoining classrooms and office space, was completed in November.

At the August 16, 2011, Governing Board meeting the District approved the purchase of approximately 208 acres of vacant land in San Tan Valley. This vacant land is located at the northeast corner of Bella Vista Road and the Union Pacific Railroad. The land purchase closed on September 30, 2011, and currently the District is developing a master plan for the first phase. The anticipated opening of the first campus is the Fall term of 2013.

Casa Grande Center – In FY 2008-2009, the District renovated a vacant 12,000 sq. ft. building at the Casa Grande Center to provide office and classroom space for workforce development training and job placement services. In August 2009 the District purchased the remaining block where the Center is located. Existing tenants have now vacated the property, and the District is now in position to start planning for the extension of the current center.

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