CAC Student Progress and Outcomes Report (AZ2020)

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In 2011 Arizona’s community colleges published a long-term strategic plan, which has since been incorporated into strategic planning processes at Central Arizona College. This plan outlined a clear vision for Arizona’s ten community college districts and identified 30 key indicators of progress toward 3 major goal areas: access, retention, and completion. Many of these indicators are aligned with those included in the American Association for Community Colleges’ Voluntary Framework of Accountability (VFA) initiative, which will allow for comparisons with national norms in years to come. A major function of the Strategic Vision is the collection, analysis, and publication of data pertaining to the 30 key indicators of progress, as well as the sharing of best practices and successful program models across the state. This document is the first in a series of annual reports providing data related to student progress and outcomes at Central Arizona College. While data for some of the indicators were gathered on a pilot basis last year, 2012 was the first full year of Strategic Vision data collection. As such, the outcomes presented in this document reflect a baseline for comparison in future years (pilot data are shown for indicators where the definitions were identical). However, these data also provide a snapshot of areas where Central Arizona College is successfully serving students, as well as those areas where further improvement is needed. The baseline data included in this report will also enable Central Arizona College to set reasonable benchmarks for attainment related to core metrics in the coming years. For these core metrics, statewide and national comparisons are shown.

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