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Employee Development


The employee may receive partial to full funding for an activity from this program. Activities that will be considered could include but are not limited to the following:

Individual and group seminars, workshops, and course work from a regionally accredited institution and apprenticeships.  An employee may receive funding for an individual seminar and/or workshop only once in a fiscal year.  An employee who participates in course work from a regionally accredited institution may receive reimbursement for up to six (6) credit hours within a fiscal year. Applications should be submitted no later than two (2) months before the activity begins. Failure to apply within the stated time frame may mean that available funds have already been disbursed.

An employee must fill out a Course/Workshop/Seminar Request (Form 539A) and forward the application through his/her supervisor to the Office of Human Resources. The Office of Human Resources will submit the application and any accompanying material to the Employee Development Committee.  Funds may be used to cover travel, registration, and related expenses that are associated with an activity.  Funds may be used to reimburse up to 70% of tuition expense for course work to a maximum of the current average credit hour cost at the three state universities.  Upon successful completion of approved course work with a grade of C or better (if on a grading system), the employee will submit documentation along with proof of payment to the Office of Human Resources.   If the college or university is on any other grading scale, the employee must provide proof of successfully completing the course.

Employee Tuition Grant

Policy 569

All full-time employees and their dependents are eligible for an Employee Tuition Grant for classes taken at Central Arizona College. The Employee Tuition Grant applies only to general tuition, registration and processing fees. The Grant does not apply to out-of-state tuition, special course fees, non-credit course fees, and other fees that may be associated with the course. Eligible dependents are also entitled provided they are living with and dependent upon the employee for principal financial support. This includes lawful spouse, unmarried children or stepchildren under age 24, or a person who is under the legal guardianship of the employee.
A completed Employee Tuition Grant (Form 569B) must be submitted to the Business Office. The Business Office will verify and process the grant if the employee or dependent is eligible.

CLIP Program
Computer Literacy Incentive Program

This program allows you to select and purchase a computer for up to $2,500 through the College. The employee will make payments through payroll deductions for up to 24 months interest free. The purpose of this program is to encourage employees to keep up with technology.  Contact the College Purchasing Department for restrictions and details.

Credit Union

Employees of the College are eligible for membership in most credit unions.


College employees have the option of purchasing pre-tax annuities through payroll deductions.   Should you decide to purchase an annuity, please complete the form and submit it to the Payroll Department in the Business Office.

Direct Deposit

The College offers direct deposit service for your paychecks.  Please contact a payroll clerk in the Business Office for the necessary form.

Staff Fee Waiver

Full-time College employees, their spouses and dependent children are entitled to free general tuition.  It does not apply to out-of-state tuition, lab fees or special fees.


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