Traffic & Parking

The College maintains a number of parking lots in order for students, staff, and visitors to conduct their affairs here at the college. At the Signal Peak Campus, each lot is assigned a letter from A through K in order to identify the lot. Lots A and B are reserved for resident students and their visitors with a valid Residence Life parking permit aside from the staff parking spots along the north side of the B lot. Lot C is reserved for cafeteria staff with a valid parking permit aside from several handicapped parking spots. Lot D is reserved for visitors. Lots E through K are open to anyone to park their vehicle. Any person who parks a vehicle on any campus shall be responsible for ensuring the vehicle is properly parked including any applicable permits displayed.

Any person operating a motor vehicle on campus shall obey all applicable state laws, posted signs, and College regulations. The speed limit on the Signal Peak Campus including the East entrance road is 15 miles per hour. A Campus Police Officer may cite any person who violates a traffic or parking regulation on campus. Citations that are processed through the College administration system may be appealed through the Chief of Police.

The appeal of a traffic or parking citation does not preclude a person from appearing on the citation as directed and paying the proper penalty assessment. A person who wishes to appeal a College traffic or parking citation must do so using an appropriate appeals form that is available through the Police Department.

The operation of bicycles and non-pedestrian devices on College property is recognized as a viable means of alternative transportation for students and employees, providing they are done in a safe and responsible manner. Visitors are not authorized to operate bicycles or non-pedestrian devices on campus without express permission of the Chief of Police.

The Central Arizona College Police Department completes vehicle accident reports for collisions that occur on the Signal Peak Campus. Between 1/1/08 and 9/23/11, there have been 30 collisions reported. Half of those collisions occurred while the driver was backing into or out of a parking space. Ten more collisions were hit and run collisions with many of those indicating damage caused when the driver of a vehicle was backing into or out of a parking spot. This data brings up two important points regarding parking at the Signal Peak Campus. First, please pay particularly close attention when you are backing your car into and out of a parking spot. Second, if you do unfortunately strike a parked car with your vehicle, you are required by law to leave proper notification to the owner of that vehicle. Violators can be criminally cited for failing to leave notification.

The College reserves the right to remove, or have removed, at the owner's expense, any vehicle that is parked in such a way as to obstruct the normal movement of traffic, impede the operation of emergency vehicles, interfere with making of essential repairs and services, or is abandoned on College property.

Content on this page is provided by Campus Police Department.

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