Wall of Success Award Recipients, 2009
Dr. Ofelia Zepeda

Dr. Kristopher A. Weatherly
Dean Weatherly accepted the award for his son, Kristopher. Kristopher was the Associate Director of the University Teaching Center at the University of Arizona.

Jeus D. Valle

Judge William J. O'Neil

Rosemary Ramirez

Carol L. Telles

Dr. Dennis R. Lassuy
Mrs. Lassuy receiving the CAC Alumni Achievement Award for her son. Dr. Lassuy was not able to attend.

Dora Garcia Vasquez

Mike Candrea

Dr. Charles Foster

Denise Cardenas
Accepting her award is her father Mike Cardenas. Denise "Gooch" Cardenas was not able to attend.

Barry L. Bruner
Barry's parents, L.V. and Kathi Bruner, live in Casa Grande and they accepted his award for him. Rear Admiral Barry L. Bruner was not able to attend.

Christopher L. Vasquez

Jon Wente

Sylvia Mejia

Tomás M. Piñon
Accepting his award is his wife, Seton and his mother Juanita. Tomas was the Athletic Director at the Casa Grande Union High School.

Rebecca Rios

Gerald A. Halfmann

Danny Lopez

Richard D. Gibson

Diane Beecroft

Marilyn Taylor Fleming

Olivia B. Guerrero

Ellie M. Brown

Judge Garye L. Vasquez

Darrell E. Wilson

Melanie O'Neil

Frank Pratt

Amy M. Stump

Wanda E. Katchner

Cherie H. McGlynn

Sylvia Gibson

Stella L. Garcia

Ernest Feliz

Marilynn A. Bianco

Patricia A. Bianco

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