Current Action Projects

Action Projects are quality activities CAC selects and focuses its efforts to support and drive continuous quality improvement. These activities are tied directly to the nine Academic Quality Improvement Program criteria, and faculty and staff to share a sense of activity, momentum, and purpose, while implementing district-wide quality improvement.

Action Project - Competency Based Learning.

The goal is to redesign learning using a competency-based model. Central Arizona College will create collaboratories among faculty,staff, and students w ith specific measures that determine success. Initial results of student learning assessment and the feedback from our Systems Portfolio communicate a need to improve student success. CAC dates indicates that 60 percent of students who take the placement assessment test into a developmental-level class. In fall 2012 and spring 2013 about 10 percent of all courses at CAC w ere developmental. Only 50 percent of students enrolled in developmental English or reading courses and 28 percent of students completing developmental math successfully complete their first college-level class.

Action Project #1349 - Development and implementation of a comprehensive general education assessment plan.
Assessment at the course and program level exists, however assessment of general education outcomes need to be developed. The goal is to align existing assessment efforts at the course and program level to the general education outcomes and develop a comprehensive plan.

The following Action Projects are a result of CAC's newly estastablished Quality Initiatives Proposal (QIP) process. This process was established to provide support for the development and implementation of initaitives that will improve CAC systems and processes.

Quality Matters
The goal of this Action Project is to increase student satisfaction with online and hybrid courses by implementing an organized approach in educating faculty and relevant staff about quality online and hybrid course development and delivery, based on establishing and reviewing best practices which will lead to total transparency, consistency, and consensus among those who teach online and hybrid classes. This will be accomplished by using Quality matters, a sophisticated, faculty-centered course review and improvement system for online and hybrid institutional instruction.

  • Quality Matters 2013 Feedback

Revision of Academic Program Review Process

The goal is to recognize this activity as a key imbedded process rather than a college standing committee by establishing the role of an Academic Program Review Coordinator, revising the process to review degree and certificate programs rather than divisions, review of institutional degrees (i.e., Associate of Arts), transition from a 5-year to a 3-year cycle and clarifying the roles within the process of the Chief Academic Office, Deans, and faculty.

  • Revision of Academic Program Review Process 2013 Feedback

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