College for Kids 2010

College for Kids "Science Fair"

College for Kids "Science Fair" was a great success this year at Aravaipa Campus, thanks to Jamie Wolgast the Coordinator and all those involved. There were a total of forty students, seven group leaders, two student assistants and three teachers.

Instructor Wendy Torres students participated in many hand-on experiments that illustrated the step by step process of copper Mining.  They watched a video on copper and its uses.   Students explored the effectiveness of sunscreen, glasses and hats in blocking out UV rays using color changing beads that they strung.  They also did an  experiment about oil drilling and spill cleanup.   

Julie Formos class grew plants from seed in test tubes and transplanted them into larger containers. The students in Mrs. Formos class also explored the different types of soil and  water cycle so that they understood how everything is connected in a habitat. 

With over eighteen years of dedicated service to the College for Kids Camp Deborah Mansager taught the students how math is applied to science.  They learned about graphing by making their own graph paper and how to take measurements.  The students worked on designing their display boards for the final presentation.

Jamie Wolgast was in charge of the tornado tube project which all the students enjoyed watching the tornado formed in their own bottle. 

Former biospherian Linda Leigh brought out her collection of earthworms for presentation and gave instructions on how to make their own wormery. She left behind one slimy earthworm so the class could nurture.    

Each topic in the classrooms was explored using the scientific method.  Every student had a composition notebook in which they recorded all of their data, notes and observations from each experiment.  They were then able to create a science board to display their favorite experiments.

Enjoy the pictures.


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